DYVEE Gas Burner Coffee Roasting Machine Guide

Roasting coffee doesn’t require you to be an expert. All you need is a coffee roaster and make freshly roasted coffee. A countertop coffee roaster is a perfect appliance to invest in. 

DYVEE is one of the leading and affordable gas coffee roasters. It offers a large capacity which is amazing for ardent coffee drinkers. 

If you have not tried a gas coffee roaster, it’s time to try one of the best performing on the market. This DYVEE coffee roaster review offers what you should expect when you acquire this machine. 

Is it worth your money? Stay tuned and discover the amazing features reviewed below. 

DYVEE Gas Coffee Roaster

DYVEE gas burner coffee roasting machine

Design 4/5
Roasting Capacity 5/5
Roasting Time 4/5
Roast Quality 4.5/5
Cleaning 5/5 Price 4/5

Overall 4.4

DYVEE Coffee Roaster Review


  • Durable stain and corrosion resistant stainless-steel frame 
  • Clear non-breakable quartz glass drum 
  • Large capacity to accommodate more coffee 
  • Safe wooden handle 
  • Super easy to clean 
  • Improved motor safety

  • No temperature regulator 
  • Doesn’t come with a gas burner

Design 4/5

When you take a gas roaster, it has a different design from an electric one. This is the case with the DYVEE gas roaster. It has amazing roasting ability despite lacking fancy features. 

One of the impressive designs is body construction. It has a 304-stainless steel frame which is durable and food grade. The materials don’t produce harmful compounds even when subjected to extreme heat. 

The other thing is the quartz glass drum which is unbreakable even when under extreme heat. Being transparent, it is amazing to view the roasting process. It’s easy to monitor green beans transform without guesswork. 

Despite the roaster being gas-heated, it offers automatic coffee turning. The 12V DC motor is efficient and ensures uniformity while roasting coffee. By the motor being DC, it’s safer than CA motors. 

Handling the coffee drum when it’s hot is safe. There is no burning of your hands since the drum has an incorporated wooden handle. The ergonomically shaped handle ensures there is comfort when lifting the glass drum. 

Although the craftsmanship is incredible, the only downside is the roaster doesn’t come with a stove or gas burner. You have to buy separately, which will increase your overall cost.

Roasting Capacity 5/5

The roasting capacity of this roaster is amazing. It has a glass drum that is capable of holding 400 grams. This amount is amazing, and once roasted, you can make 48 cups. 

Although the roaster is this big, roasting in small batches is always recommended. It provides enough surface area for each bean to get perfect roasting. 

The amount you roast also depends on your expertise. If you are a pro, you can fill coffee beans to the capacity. However, for beginners, small batches are perfect. 

For a cheaper option, ZHFEISY coffee roaster has a similar capacity but costs less. 

Roasting Time 4/5

One thing you should note about this roaster is it doesn’t have a timer. Therefore, a timer is needed when roasting your coffee. Especially for beginners, monitoring time and temperatures is essential.

Normally, the roaster also doesn’t have a thermometer which you can buy separately. KT THERMO Thermometer is a perfect add-on to probe temperatures when roasting your beans. 

When using this roaster, follow the standard roasting time of 8-20 minutes. However, the duration will depend on the amount of heat.

Roast Quality 4.5/5

The roast quality is amazing when using this machine. As long as you have followed the general roasting guidelines, the quality is always perfect. 

Since the roaster has glass, you can see when the beans have attained the correct roast level. 

The only thing is the roaster doesn’t have a chaff collector. Therefore, you need a pan or round tray. Circularly shake the beans, then blow the chaff. 

Cleaning 5/5

When it comes to cleaning, it is straightforward. Every part is easy to take apart, which is a great thing to keep the roaster clean. 

The disassembling is tool-free, and only the glass drum needs cleaning. On the other hand, the frame needs a simple wiping to regain its shiny appearance.

Price 4/5

Price is a great factor when buying any appliance. The same applies to DYVEE coffee roasters, which, according to me, the price is fair. 

The big reason why the price isn’t the best is it doesn’t come with a burner. Also, no thermometer means you will spend extra money buying these items. 

Don’t Buy DYVEE Coffee Roasters If…

You love automatic coffee roaster 

Although the machine has an electric motor, it is not automatic. The motor is only for rotating the drum to facilitate even roasting. 

For anyone looking for an automatic coffee roaster, DAVEE roaster isn’t your choice. Especially for beginners, you need an automatic like iCOFFEE N-905CR coffee roaster to avoid messing up. 

Looking for a coffee roaster with a burner

If you want a complete gas coffee roaster with a burner, this doesn’t have one. Although it costs less than a complete setup, you will need to look for a burner separately. 

Buying the equipment separately will see you spending more. If you plan to buy a full set of a roaster and burner, it is better if you look for another option. 


Having used this coffee roaster, it’s one of the best. Although it’s not perfect, it possesses great features that aren’t available in other brands. 

The durable stainless steel frame, clear glass drum, and motorized design ease the roasting process. Additionally, the sealed design helps in managing smoking when roasting your coffee. 

When buying the roster, know it’s not automatic. However, I highly recommend it. 

DYVEE gas burner coffee roasting machine


Are coffee roasters worth it?
Having a coffee roaster at home gives you the freedom to make your coffee anytime. As long as you have unroasted beans, you can make your needed quantity. 

Further, a roaster lets you customize your roasting for the best flavor and enjoy fresh coffee always.

Is it cheaper to roast your own coffee?
After roasting your beans, consuming them before 2 weeks is recommended. After the said time, flavor starts to depreciate. Also, let your roasted coffee rest for 2-3 days before consuming.
How long after roasting coffee can you drink it?
Roasting coffee at home is not only convenient but also cheap. Buying green beans is cheaper than roasted ones. Therefore, you can expect to cut the costs when roasting at home. 
How much does a coffee roaster cost?
Home coffee roasters can range from $100 to $1,500. However, commercial large-scale coffee roasters can range from $20,000 to $200,000. 
What Is The Difference Between Drum And Hot Air Coffee Roasters?

Drum coffee roasters roast the coffee beans by moving them around a stationary drum. Hot air coffee roasters roast the beans by blowing hot air through them. Each type of roaster has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Traditional drum roasting extracts the carbohydrates and solvents in coffee, leaving you with a darker, denser flavor and aftertaste. No matter what kind of coffee is roasted, its heavy, oily flavor is always present, making drum roasters ideal for cafes or restaurants. However, they can be more expensive than hot air coffee roasters.

Faster and more efficient, hot air coffee roasters require less maintenance than drum coffee roasters. However, they are only able to roast small quantities each time, making them better suitable for small or home users.

If you’re looking for a high-quality home coffee roaster, the Fresh Roast SR540 Home Coffee Roaster is worth considering. It’s easy to use and can create delicious coffee that rivals those found in many restaurants. Plus, it’s affordable, making it a great option for beginner or occasional coffee drinkers.

Is the DYVEE Roaster only used for coffee beans?
No, It’s also perfect for baking other nuts, sunflower seed,peanuts, chestnut, barley, dried fruit, etc


Product name DYVEE Gas Coffee Bean Roaster
Manufacturer DYVEE
Materials Stainless steel, Quartz glass 
Power rating 220 volts 
Capacity 400 grams
Item weight 399.73 g
Dimensions L38 x W 21 x H 21.5 cm
Warranty 6-Months
Price $289
Motor 12V 3A DC power   

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