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Horror-Themed Restaurant with Amazing Coffee: Roast the Dead Coffee Menu Prices

Halloween comes once a year, but you have a chance to enjoy the experience daily. All you need is to visit Roast the Dead Coffee. It’s a unique place where coffee features a dimly lit room with a horror-themed atmosphere and effigies.

Despite the horror movie-like theme, the coffee shop has fantastic coffee. The best way to enjoy it even before getting there is by exploring the Roast the Dead Coffee menu prices. Find out what is a great item to grab as you enjoy the Halloween experience-like atmosphere.

What Is Roast the Dead Coffee?

Roast the Dead Coffee is a horror movie-themed café in Yucaipa, California. A café is a perfect place where people can enjoy coffee as they experience a unique horror movie experience. 

The café was founded by Jennifer Alcantar, Ellice Arellanes and Richard Arellanes. Jenifer worked at Starbucks for 17 years before opening a café together with other co-founders. 

The passion for good coffee intertwined with fear drove the founder to open a café in Yucaipa. The café stands in a building that hosted a tattoo parlor and dental office before they acquired and transformed it. 

What Is Roast the Dead Coffee Known For? 

What Is Roast the Dead Coffee Known For

The place is known for its horror experience. Besides, you can grab killer drinks like The Meyers, Hi Ya’Georgie, Trick or Treat and others. Actually, the fancy words are funny and keep customers eager to try. For instance, The Meyer is a pumpkin spice latte, while Hi Ya’Georgie is a Caramel popcorn blended cold brew. 

Does Roast the Dead Coffee Have Food? 

The café doesn’t have food; it specializes in coffee and other beverages. However, you can grab snacks like cupcakes to enjoy with your coffee. Also, it offers branded bagged coffee which you can buy and brew at home. 

Where Does Roast the Dead Get Its Coffee From?

The coffee brewed in Roast the Dead tastes heavenly, but where does it come from? The café doesn’t source its coffee but gets the beans from independent suppliers. 

How Many Roast the Dead Coffee Locations Are There? 

Roast the Dead Coffee was founded in 202 after years of planning. Located in Yucaipa, California, the café has only one location as of February 2023. 

Roast the Dead Coffee Menu Prices

Killer Drinks 

Item Size Price 
Dollyface Small $6.25
DollyfaceLarge $7.00
Hellrazor Small $6.25
Hellrazor Large $7.00
6Ft.Under Small $6.25
6Ft.UnderLarge $7.00
La ChurronaSmall $6.25
La ChurronaLarge $7.00
Worms Michael Small $6.25
Worms MichaelLarge $7.00
Purge Small$6.25
PurgeLarge $7.00
Merry Krampus Small $6.25
Merry KrampusLarge $7.00
Hitchcock Small $6.25
HitchcockLarge $7.00
Cookies from the Krypt Small $6.25
Cookies from the KryptLarge$7.00

The Fogs 

Item SizePrice 
Meyers Small $4.00
Meyers Medium $4.50
Meyers Large$5.50
Here’s JonnySmall$4.00
Here’s JonnyMedium$4.50
Here’s JonnyLarge$5.50
Salty SeasSmall$4.00
Salty SeasMedium$4.50
Salty SeasLarge$5.50
Freddy’s Nightmare Small$4.00
Freddy’s Nightmare Medium$4.50
Freddy’s Nightmare Large$5.50
Hi Ya Georgie Small$4.00
Hi Ya Georgie Medium$4.50
Hi Ya Georgie Large$5.50

Basic Witch 

Item SizePrice 
Americano Small (2 shots) $3.00
Americano Medium (3 shots) $4.50
Americano Large (4 shots) $6.00
Cappuccino Small$2.50
Cappuccino Medium $3.25
Cappuccino Large $4.25
Drop coffee Small$2.00
Drop coffee Medium$2.25
Drop coffee Large $4.25
Cold brew Small$3.25
Cold brewMedium$3.75
Cold brewLarge $4.25
Latte/Macchiato Small $3.75
Latte/MacchiatoMedium $4.00
Latte/MacchiatoLarge $4.50
Chai Latte Small $3.75
Chai Latte Medium $4.00
Chai Latte Large $4.50

Killer Teas & Killer Lemonades 

Item Size Price 
Killer Teas (Mental Mango, Dark Mistress, Helter Skelter, Black Window)Small $3.00
Killer Teas (Mental Mango, Dark Mistress, Helter Skelter, Black Window)Medium $3.25
Killer Teas (Mental Mango, Dark Mistress, Helter Skelter, Black Window)Large $3.75
Killer Teas (Mental Mango, Dark Mistress, Helter Skelter, Black Window)X large $5.50
Black/ Green Jasmine teaSmall $1.50
Black/ Green Jasmine teaMedium $1.60
Black/ Green Jasmine teaLarge $1.70
Resurrection Tea Small$2.50
Resurrection TeaMedium $2.75
Resurrection TeaLarge $3.00
Swamp Thing Small $2.50
Swamp Thing Medium $2.50
Swamp Thing Large $3.00
Killer lemonade (Killer clown, Creepsickle, Voodo Doll) Small $3.00
Killer lemonade (Killer clown, Creepsickle, Voodo Doll)Medium $3.25
Killer lemonade (Killer clown, Creepsickle, Voodo Doll)Large$3.75
Killer lemonade (Killer clown, Creepsickle, Voodo Doll)X Large $5.00

Skinny Witch

Item SizePrice 
Latte Small $3.75
LatteMedium $4.00
Fog Small $4.00
FogMedium $4.50
FogLarge $5.50

How to Order from Roast the Dead Coffee? 

Well, the coffee shop only allows dine-in and takeaways. It doesn’t support deliveries, and there is no online ordering platform. 

Roast the Dead Contact Information & Operating Hours. 

Postal Address: 12764 California St suite A, Yucaipa, CA, United States, 92399

Operating Time: Mon -Sun 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM 

Telephone: +1 909-372-1153 

Email: [email protected] 

Social Media


Twitter: None 


Pinterest: None 

YouTube: None 

Tiktok: None 

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Official Website: 


Final Words 

Good horror is only possible when experiencing it in Roast dead coffee. Complemented with great coffee, there is every reason to be in the café. Furthermore, the latest Roast the dead coffee menu prices have a lot to explore. 


Is Roast the Dead Coffee open 7 days a week? 

Yes, the café is open from Monday to Sunday. 

Is the Roast the dead coffee pet friendly? 

The restaurant allows pets and has a drink called Cujo for pups that is great for your dogs. 

Are there vegan-friendly menu options at Roast the Dead coffee? 

Yes, there are vegan-friendly drinks that use plant-based ingredients like oat milk.

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