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Best Coffee Shops In Longmont | Top 10 Recommendations

Longmont is a beautiful city with so much to offer in terms of entertainment, food, drinks, culture, and vibes. Around here, people love coffee so much and treat it with all importance. 

Coming down here, I knew I was going to have a swell time looking out for the best coffee shops in the city of Longmont, and honestly my expectations were met. 

From the amazing aroma to the deliciousness of a cup running down your throat, each coffee shop on this list was fantastic. Here are some of the best 10 Coffee shops in Longmont, Co.

10 Best Coffee Shops In Longmont Co

  1. Luna Cafe
  2. Ziggi’s Coffee
  3. Javastop
  4. Brewing Market Coffee
  5. Red Frog Coffee
  6. Ozo Coffee
  7. Que’s Espresso
  8. Cavegirl Coffeehouse
  9. Dutch Bros Coffee
  10. MALDOS Coffee & Boba

Luna Cafè

Luna Cafè has this warm feeling of you being at home or a friend’s for a cup of coffee. It has a genuine homely atmosphere about it. Having been around for over 26 years, Longmont coffee has come to be a place full of sweet memories and moments for the older locals and even the newer generation. 

Apart from roasting and making great coffee, there’s a book section for readers to grab a book and read while sipping their delicious brew. It also has a nice lounge and it’s just generally a chill place.

Location: 800 Coffman St, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

Working hours: Monday-Sunday 8 am-1 pm

Phone: +1 303-702-9996

Ziggi’s Coffee

Ziggi’s coffee shop longmont co is one of the best downtown Longmont coffee shops. One reason we all love Ziggi’s is because of how they try to involve everyone, starting conversations, and having a lovely chat with fun people while you’re on your third cup of coffee is just so great and encompassing. 

With another outlet not too far away in Francis St, Ziggi’s tries to be always available to attend to their customers. You should try out their Lavender latte, by the way, amazing stuff!

Location: 400 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

Working hours: Monday-Sunday 7 am-6 pm

Website: ziggiscoffee

Phone: +1 303-800-0517


Another longer-term coffee shop in Longmont that has continuously satisfied the people of Longmont for years with its delicious coffee and small eats. 

The interior has an artistic and beautiful decor and atmosphere. It reminds you of what old coffee shops used to look like while still looking modern for their new-age customers. 

Coffee at Javastop might just be your final bus stop for a grand cup of coffee.

Location: 301 Main St Unit 7, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

Working hours: Monday-Sunday 8 am-3 pm

Website: javastop

Phone: +1 303-772-1731

Brewing Market Coffee

This beautiful coffee shop is situated close to the Front Range Community school in Longmont and has become the ideal place for students to come, grab a coffee and study at an affordable price. 

The place is conducive enough for reading with long tables for group reading, conversations, and a solo-sized table for solo reading. Enough indoor seating with lovely leather sofas for lounging and reading. 

Brewing Market brews your coffee to a great perfection that leaves you wanting more immediately after you sip it.

Location: 1520 Hover St # A, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

Working hours: Monday-Sunday 7 am-5 pm

Website: brewingmarketcoffee

Phone: +1 303-651-7716

Red Frog Coffee

Just like Brewing market coffee, Red frog is also an ideal place for reading, studying, and attending work meetings. Although it’s less busy and noisy than the Brewing market, it still attracts a handful of loyal customers who stay true to the awesome blend of Red frog. 

Their coffee comes with a bit of art on top, and then the whole place is chill and cozy. Red frog Coffee makes a great spot for relaxing and unwinding after a really long day. This is one of the few dog friendly coffee shops in Longmont. 

Location: 15 Ken Pratt Blvd #200, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

Working hours: Monday-Saturday 5:55 am-4 pm, Sunday 7 am-4 pm

Website: redfrogcoffee 

Phone: +1 303-772-7209

Ozo Coffee

Well, when you come to think of it, coffee and movie mix would be so mad, right?! Now that’s Ozo Coffee for you. An excellent brew of special coffee beans roasted carefully while watching a movie is the ultimate enjoyment. 

At Ozo coffee, there are a lot of seats around well arranged to occupy a large number of customers always thronging the place and it has an upstairs building where customers can go in for a chat or enjoy a movie while having a coffee. 

The amazing ambiance at Ozo’s is well suited for a coffee date, little wonder why so many couples were made there.

Location: 1232A S Hover St #400, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

Working hours: Monday-Saturday 6 am-5 pm, Sunday 7 am-4 pm

Website: ozocoffee

Phone: +1 720-600-6689

Que’s Espresso

Cute, picturesque, and definitely can do as a great Instagram op. It has a lot of yellow colors and patterns that make it really bright and cheerful. Makes perfect sense for a study date, a chillout zone with friends, or just a place to visit and have random conversations with great people. 

It is an ice cream parlor for adults where only the best, freshly brewed coffee is served. It has great internet service, friendly staff, and a really helpful barista.

Location: 600 S Airport Rd, Longmont, CO 80503, United States

Working hours: Monday-Friday 5:30 am-7 pm, Saturday-Sunday 6 am-7 pm

Website: quesespresso

Phone: +1 303 834 8447

Cavegirl Coffeehouse

The real cultured, cavy vibe is up the heat here. Swell relaxation center with a lot of seating spots for customers. The seat and chairs are super comfy and soak all the weight off your body, putting you in that right frame of mind to enjoy a trusty grand cup of caffeine mix. 

Easily accessible place despite not having a drive-through, and the service is really friendly and prompt at Cavegirl Coffeehouse. Beautiful colored building with a love for treating customers to nothing but the best.

Location: 720 100 Year Party Ct #100, Longmont, CO 80504, United States

Working hours: Monday-Saturday 7 am-3 pm, Sunday 8 am-3 pm

Website: cavegirl

Phone: +1 720-472-0420

Dutch Bros Coffee

Dutch Bros comes with all the hip culture and youthfulness about it that endears it to the much younger generation of coffee lovers. It’s like a local Starbucks for Longmont people with the chat zone, amazing surf, great internet service, lovely work zone and study zone too. 

Mostly open during the day, customers throng here frequently not only to eat but to also study and use the internet service made available for customers. Dutch Bros is definitely a top 10 coffee spot for me.

Location: 933 Main St, Longmont, CO 80501, United States

Working hours: Monday-Sunday 5 am-10 pm

Website: Dutchbros 

Phone: +1 541-955-4700

MALDOS Coffee & Boba

If you’ve never tried out coffee, and want to try something subtle first before hitting your caffeine journey, MALDOS Coffee & Boba is the perfect spot for you. 

With nothing too strong, too milky, and everything in the right balance, MALDOS Coffee & Boba, in Longmont has become a great place for having some of the best organic coffee drinks. 

They also make delicious pastries to couple with their lovely drinks. Tried out their Lavender white mocha and some latte, and my goodness, it was one of the best few bucks I have ever spent. You should definitely try out this place.

Location: 332 Main St Unit B4, Longmont, CO 80501, United States 

Working hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-6pm, Sunday(closed)

Website: maldos-coffee-and-boba

Phone: +1 303-772-3601


Is there a coffee shop inside Walmart longmont main st?

No, there isn’t a coffee shop inside Walmart that serves brewed coffee, however, customers can shop for a wide variety of coffee products. 

Which cafes in Longmont Have Vegan Options?

If you would rather eat healthily, here are some cafes in Longmont that offer vegan options on their menu; Cavegirl Coffeehouse, Lucile’s Creole Cafe, and Brewing Market Coffee.

Are there coffee shops for sale in Longmont?

Currently, there are a few coffee shops available for sale online with their market price. They’ve built a strong brand and earned a handful of a loyal following, so it won’t be hard getting customers if things are done right. You can find some longmont coffee shop for sale here. 

What happened to Mr Bean coffee shop longmont?

Mr Bean coffee shop longmont is permanently closed. 


I had great pleasure writing this, and I hope it passes to you as you read this. Longmont, Co would always be a loveable city with memories and great moments for a lot of people, and it is superb most of these memories were made in a coffee shop or with a coffee in hand. Longmont coffee shops always deliver a grand coffee for you.

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