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Aussie Coffee Culture in The Heart of The Us, Bluestone Lane Coffee Menu Prices

Taking family and friends where they can enjoy delicious meals and beverages is a fantastic experience. But, when you decide to get into Bluestone Lane Coffee, it’s the ideal place where people can enjoy Australian-style coffee and meals. With expansive indoor and outdoor seating, the restaurant is perfect for families and groups. 

If you want to stop and get coffee, tea or food in the restaurant, check the latest Bluestone lane coffee menu prices. Let’s see what’s unique and worth having in the coffeeshop. 

What Is Bluestone Lane Coffee? 

Bluestone Lane Coffee, an Australian coffee haven in the heart of New York, was established by Nicholas Stone to bring Melbourne’s coffee culture to the US. The shop originated as a compact in-wall café in Manhattan back in 2013, gradually expanding its footprint and the number of outlets.

With impressive growth, the coffee shop has now flourished to over 55 locations as of 2023, spread across various states. Notable spots like Bluestone Lane Bryant Park and Bluestone Lane Midtown East stand out among the numerous outlets, with the company’s headquarters nestled in these NYC locations.

Coffee takes center stage, with beans meticulously sourced from Africa, Asia, and South America. Sustainability is a core focus, with beans originating from small cooperatives and 3-star farms committed to ethical production. The commitment extends to packaging, as the coffee is stored in bags free from harmful plastics.

bluestone lane coffee beans

While its roots are in coffee, Bluestone Lane Coffee has expanded its menu offerings significantly. Dishes like Avocado Toast, Banana Toast, Bambiccino, and Beet Latte have captured the hearts of many alongside a diverse array of food and beverages.

Bluestone Lane Coffee Menu Summary 

bluestone lane coffee originals menu pricfes

Hot Coffee

Item   Price 
Long Black$4.00
Hot Brewed$3.50
Chai Latte$5.75
Flat White$5.00
Hot Chocolate$5.00

Cold Coffee

Item   Price 
Cold Brew$4.00
Cold Milo$4.50
Iced Latte$4.50
Iced Chocolate$4.50
Aussie Iced Latte$5.00
Cold Brew Float$5.00

Organic Tea

Item  Price  
Melbourne Breakfast Tea (Organic Tea)$4.00
Earl Grey Tea$4.00
China Sencha Tea$4.00
Lemongrass Ginger Tea$4.00
Chamomile Tea$4.00
Peppermint Tea$4.00
Sencha Tea$4.00


Item   Price  
Matcha Latte$5.50
Golden Latte$5.50
Beet Latte$5.50
Flight Latte$12.00
Loose Leaf Chai Latte$5.50

Cold Brew Iced Tea

Item  Price 
Spring Trellis Tea$4.50
Melbourne Breakfast Tea$4.50
bluestone lane coffee food menu prices

Brekkie All Day

Item  Price 
Avocado Smash$12.00
Salmon Spiral$10.00
Egg & Bacon Croissant Spiral$10.00
Green Baked Eggs$14.00
Eggs Benedict$14.00
Big Brekkie$18.00
Vegetarian Big Brekkie$17.00
Bondi Chicken Salad Sandwich$12.00
Breakfast Bowl$14.00
Buddha Bowl$12.00
Burrata & Berries$15.00
Rainbow Bowl$13.00
Good Grains Granola$10.00
Banana Bread$15.00
The Greek$14.00
Toast Bar$12.00

Add Ons

Item   Price  
Poached / Fried Egg$2.00
Heirloom Tomatoes$1.50
Smoked Salmon$4.00
Roasted Chicken$5.00
Make it Gluten-Free$2.00
bluestone lane coffee cold drinks menu prices

Cold Pressed Juice

Item Price  
Detox Shot$5.50
Wellness Shot$5.50
Vitality Shot$5.50
Portsea Juice$9.00
Fitzroy Juice$9.00
Torquay Juice$9.00
Orange Juice$6.00
Fuji Apple Juice$4.50

Full Fiber Smoothies & Superfood Shakes

Item Price  
Original Green$10.00
Organic Goji Bomb$10.00
Organic Blueberry & Acai$10.00
Keto Vanilla$10.00

Other Cold Drinks

Item Price  
Just Water$2.75
Perrier Sparkling Water$3.50/$5.00
Voss Still Water$4.50/$7.50
Fresh Local Coconut Water$5.00
Local Kombucha$7.00/$12.00
Premium Soda$3.75
La Croix Sparkling Water$2.00
Natural Grapefruit Sparkling Water$2.50

Customer Reviews

The Alfred coffee staff is seriously on the ball, especially during those crazy mornings. Some folks are like, “Hey, hire more baristas to chill the morning rush!” Oh, and FYI, if you want to speed things up, definitely go for the online pre-order thing.

People are totally digging Alfred coffee on Uber Eats, raving about their killer drinks and grub. And let’s talk vibes – hanging outside with an umbrella and background music at the café? Yeah, that’s the stuff.

If you’re not big on coffee, no sweat! The bluestone green matcha with almond milk and the feel-good lean salad are winners. But for those who do indulge, those lemon ricotta pancakes and potato wedges are pure happiness – especially with the wallet-friendly mimosa on the side.

How to Order from Bluestone Lane Coffee? 

You can place your order at the coffee shop either in person at the counter or conveniently online through their website or app. The coffee shop offers multiple options for receiving your order, including dining in, curbside pickup, and delivery.

In addition to utilizing the company’s website or app for ordering, alternative platforms like UberEats, Postmates, and Grubhub are also available for your convenience.

To make the ordering process seamless, follow these steps.

1. Access the Bluestone Lane coffee website and log in. 

How to Order from Bluestone Lane Coffee 1

2. In the upper right corner, click on ‘Visit’ to open a dropdown menu, then select ‘Order Pickup & Delivery.’

How to Order from Bluestone Lane Coffee 2

3. On the next page, decide between delivery or pickup, choose your preferred time, input your address, and click ‘Start Order.’

How to Order from Bluestone Lane Coffee 3

4. Browse the provided menu, locate your favorite item, and click on it. Customize the order as desired and then click ‘Add to Cart.’

How to Order from Bluestone Lane Coffee 4

How to order vegan options at Bluestone Lane?

Check the menu: Bluestone Lane Coffee’s menu includes vegan options that are marked with a “V” or “VE” symbol. You can look for these symbols to find vegan options.

Ask the barista: If you’re not sure which items are vegan, you can ask the barista for recommendations or to modify a menu item to make it vegan.

Specify your order: When ordering, you can specify that you want your drink or food item to be made vegan. For example, you can ask for oat milk instead of regular milk in your coffee, or ask for no cheese on your avocado toast.

Operating Hours 

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Mon6:30 AM4:00 PM
Tue6:30 AM4:00 PM
Wed6:30 AM4:00 PM
Thu6:30 AM4:00 PM
Fri6:30 AM4:00 PM
Sat6:30 AM4:00 PM
Sun6:30 AM4:00 PM

Bluestone Lane Coffee Contact Information

Postal Address: 90 Water St L2 New York, NY 10005 United States

Telephone: (718) 374-6858 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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Tiktok: None 

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Final Words 

Bluestone Lane coffee offers an authentic Australian-inspired café experience, complete with captivating ambiance and unique interior design. What’s more, their menu prices cater to all ages, ensuring a delightful selection of food and drinks that everyone can enjoy.


Is Bluestone Lane Coffee A Franchise? 

At the moment, all the stores are company run. However, if you want to operate under licensing, the company offers the opportunity, like in the case of JF Kennedy airport, Boston Logan International and 20th Century Studios

Is bluestone lane coffee in Australia? 

The coffee shop is in the USA, serving Australian-inspired dishes and beverages. 

Is bluestone lane coffee a good place to work? 

Yes, the coffee shop has a good atmosphere for workers and customers. 

What is the new drink in bluestone lane coffee? 

The newest drink at Bluestone Lane Coffee is Oat Draught Latte. 

Does Bluestone Lane Coffee Serve Food All Day? 

Good news – they offer food all day! Breakfast kicks off at 7 am, and you can enjoy lunch anytime. Plus, a variety of snacks are available to munch on throughout the day.

Is decaf coffee available at Bluestone Lane coffee?

Absolutely. Bluestone Lane Coffee indeed offers decaf coffee options, all of which are available in their cafes. These decaf choices are described to have a rich flavor profile without the caffeine content.

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