JIAWANSHUN Electric Coffee Roaster Review: Best Home and Coffee Shop Coffee Roaster

When getting quality coffee is not easy, roasting at home is the best option. But, achieving great-tasting coffee requires you to have a good roaster. 

A good coffee bean roaster and a coffee grinder result in an outstanding beverage. JIAWANSHUN coffee roaster is among the amazing options for home roasting. 

The machine is electric and eases your roasting. Only plugging and setting the heat, and you let the roaster do the work.

This JIAWANSHUN coffee roaster review guide lets you decide whether it’s worth being in your home. I will look at design, performance, and roasting quality. 

If you have been aspiring to buy this coffee roaster, let’s see what it can do.

JIAWANSHUN 500g Electric Coffee Roaster

Design 5/5
Roasting Capacity 4.5/5
Roasting Time 4.7/5
Roast Quality 4.5/5
Cleaning 5/5 Price 5/5

Overall 4.7

Jiawanshun Coffee Roaster Review


  • Durable stainless-steel construction 
  • Multipurpose applications; roasting coffee, popcorn, and nuts 
  • Clear non-breakable glass lid for easy observation 
  • Non-stick safe pan for mess-free roasting 
  • Adjustable temperature knob 
  • Large capacity roasting tray 
  • Highly safe due to ventilation on the lid 
  • Easy coffee turning through stirring rod

  • The roaster has no timer 
  • There is no chaff collector/remover 
  • It doesn’t have an integrated bean cooler

Design 5/5 

The roaster’s simplistic design makes it super easy to use, even for first-time users. The sleek design is amazing and perfectly complements your kitchen décor. 

Besides being sleek, the roaster features a stainless steel out shell. This makes it super durable and reliable for a long time. The interior has a non-stick tray with safe paint. 

The paint in the tray is safe and doesn’t emit toxic materials under high temperatures. 

Roasting coffee beans to different levels is now easy. The roaster has a temperature control of up to 240 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you can roast light, medium, and dark. 

When you think about the Jiawanshun roaster, the design ensures it is perfect for multiple uses. It is ideal for roasting coffee, popcorn, baking nuts, and others. 

Since the design resembles a pan, the roaster comes with a glass lid. The unbreakable lid ensures you can view the roasting process. Further, the 4 vents on the lids ensure safety when roasting. 

Rated 1200W, this roaster equipment is for use with North American power standards (110V). 

Roasting Capacity 4.5/5

One of the home roasters with great capacity is Jiawanshun. It has a tray with a capacity to hold 500 grams. 

The capacity is excellent, especially for people who have coffee shops. You can roast enough quantities to make 60 cups of coffee at a go. 

According to the manufacturer, the best roasting capacity for this machine is 300-500 grams. Roasting less or more than recommended can result in undesired results. 

Roasting Time 4.7/5 

Jiawanshun coffee roasting machine has varioustemperature settings. Therefore, the time for roasting can differ depending on the selected heat. 

Typically, standard coffee roasting is at 225°C- 230°C. for around 5-20 minutes. It depends on whether you want your coffee to be light or deep-roasted. 

Since the roaster is adjustable to operate at different heat levels, you can roast depending on your needs. 

After roasting your coffee, you can cool it using JIAWANSHUN Coffee beans cooler

Roast Quality 4.5/5 

The quality of roasted coffee from this machine is superb. It has excellent roasting quality due to the heat and roasting tray. With a non-stick surface and stirring wand, there is uniform roasting. 

Besides, the lid is transparent to let you view the process. Therefore, the chances of roasting beans going astray are minimal. 

The only issue is the machine has no chaff collector; hence you need to do it separately. 

Cleaning 5/5 

 As for the cleaning of Jiawanshun roaster, there is nothing to stress you. The cleaning involves using the provided brush to remove the debris.

Since it has a non-stick interior, there is no scrubbing needed. Even after roasting other products, there is no stress to cleaning. 

Price 5/5 

One of my favorites about the roaster is the price. Despite the large capacity and other impressive features, the price is affordable. 

The fact it is also multipurpose, the quoted price is satisfactory. Of all the coffee roasters I own, it’s one of the cheapest yet reliable. 

Don’t Buy Jiawanshun 500g Coffee Roasters if…

You love gas roasters 

People have different tastes when it comes to the type of coffee roasters. If you want a gas-heated roaster, this one isn’t your choice. 

This one is electrically powered, so you must plug it into work. 

Love a roaster with a chaff separator 

Separating the chaff from beans can be daunting. However, some of the roasters come with chaff collectors. 

If you are looking for such roasters, I would tell you to avoid this. It has no chaff collector; hence you need to do it manually after roasting. 


Roasting coffee beans at home is economical and practical. Whether you have a coffee shop or for home consumption, a roaster is necessary. 

Jiawanshun coffee roaster is handy and reliable equipment. Despite its low price, it delivers excellent results. You will get outstanding results if you stick to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Overall, this roaster scores high, and it’s one of the best options you should go for. 


Is the roaster made with Teflon?
The roaster’s inner surface is lined with non-stick material. It doesn’t stick because of the Teflon lining, which keeps it clean even after roasting or baking. 
Can you make money roasting coffee?
Yes, considering coffee is one of the most consumed beverages, you can make good money. However, to make money, you need to roast enough beans to cover the production cost and leave you with a profit. 

According to experts, for you to get returns, you need to roast over 326 kg per week. 

How do I become a coffee roaster? 
For you to become a coffee roaster, it all starts with simple training. The most basic is to learn how to roast, flavor, and grind coffee beans. You can learn through other roasters or get a guidebook and learn at home. 
Is this a hot air or element roaster? 
The roaster is electric and uses elements for heating. The equipment works like an oven to roast your beans and give them chocolate brown roasting. 


Product name Jiawanshun Coffee Roaster
Manufacturer ‎JIAWANSHUN
Materials Stainless Steel
Power rating 110 volts
Capacity 300-500 grams
Item weight 3.10 kg
Dimensions 34.54 x 34.54 x 15.75 cm
Warranty 6-months 
Price $86.98
Motor None 

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