best nyc coffee shops with outdoor seating

10 Best NYC Coffee Shops With Outdoor Seating Arrangement

I have visited hundreds of coffee shops around the world and aside from checking out for which has the best coffee and pastries to go with, I am always on the lookout for those with a lovely outdoor seating arrangement and free Wi-Fi. As a writer, I seize every opportunity to work and if a coffee shop can offer me an opportunity to do so, I am going there again. 

If you are like me or want something like this just for the fun of it, I have reviewed some of the best NYC coffee shops with outdoor seating arrangement. Some of these coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi services. So if you want to work and connect on the Internet, you can do seamlessly, 

Best NYC Coffee Shops with Outdoor Seating + Free Wi-Fi

  1. Coffee Project New York
  2. Now or Never Coffee
  4. Devoción Coffee
  5. 787 Coffee
  6. Amano Cafe
  7. The Chipped Cup
  8. Partners Coffee
  9. Kam Hing Coffee Shop
  10. Judy’s 

I have detailed other features of each coffee shop to provide a comprehensive understanding of what to expect when you visit any. You will find out what these coffee shops specialize in, their social media handles, operational hours, and possibly a flaw that I identified. Here goes everything.

Coffee Project New York 

The Coffee Project New York offers coffee club subscriptions, coffee classes (public, private and online), as well as in-person and online classes for professionals and amateurs alike. They are a modern coffee shop and their outdoor seating arrangement is outstanding. They’ve got three locations in New York. Log on to their official site for details about each location and their operating hours.

Phone: (212) 228-7888
Social Media: IG: @coffeeprojectny

Now or Never Coffee 

Now or Never has an amazing lineup of coffee products you can enjoy. From drip coffee to cappuccino, americano, latte, mocha, and so on. The coffee shop also has a special tab on its menu. Its interior and outdoor setting are excellent and relaxing. 

Operating Hours: Mondays to Saturdays from 8am to 5pm
Phone: +1 347-556-8312
Website: nowornevercoffee
Social Media: IG @nowornevercoffee and Facebook Now or Never Coffee


MUD SPOT is known for having a lovely ambient atmosphere. The breakfast and brunch menu is a delight. It is the kind of cafe you visit when you need to get stuff done during the early hours of the day just before afternoon. 

Although their services are slow, I’d recommend the cafe for its outdoor seating and free Wi-Fi of course.

Location: 307 E 9th St, New York, NY 10003
Operating Hours: 7:30am to 10pm from Monday to Friday and 8am to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday
Phone: +1 212-228-9074
Website: mudnyc
Social Media: IG @mudcoffeenyc

Devoción Coffee

Devoción Coffee has locations in New York. The coffee shop sources beans from Columbia and you can be sure the taste will be different. At Devoción Coffee, you will love the alluring atmosphere and seating arrangement. It is a thorough relaxation spot that offers a variety of coffees and teas to choose from.

Location: 69 Grand St. (at Wythe), Brooklyn, NY 11249
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday from 8am to 7pm
Website: devocion
Social Media: IG: @devocionusa

787 Coffee 

787 Coffee is another lovely NYC outdoor cafe. The coffee beans used at 787 Coffee are grown in the mountains of Maricao, Puerto Rico and the taste is heavenly. 

They also have a subscription package and if you would make the most out of this cafe, I’d advise you get it. 787 Coffee has several locations in New York and you’d need to visit this webpage to get address and operational hours for each shop.

Website: 787coffee
Social Media: IG: @787coffee, Twitter: @787coffee and Facebook: 787 Coffee Co.

Amano Cafe

Amano Cafe offers the brewing of single-origin coffee, plus sandwiches, baked treats and açaí bowls.. This Wi-Fi cafe in NYC is the best place to go if you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of New York City. 

Location: 172 West 4th Street, New York, NY 10014
Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday from 7am to 6pm; Friday from 7am to 7pm; Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 7pm
Phone: +1 585-888-3232
Website: amano-cafe
Social Media: IG @amano_cafe and Facebook Amano Coffee Store

The Chipped Cup

According to the information from their website, The Chipped Cup is a Victorian psychedelic coffee shop with a touch of grandma’s attic. They offer espresso drinks and light chops and are one of the coffee shops with gardens in New York. 

Location: 3610 Broadway, New York, NY 10031
Operating Hours: Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm and 8am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday
Phone: +1 212-368-8881
Website: chippedcupcoffee
Social Media: IG: @chippedcupny and Facebook: The Chipped Cup

Partners Coffee 

Partners Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster based out of Brooklyn, New York. The coffee shop serves fine tasting coffee blends and offers a coffee club subscription. It is a cool location for those looking to enjoy an outdoor atmosphere while sipping a cup of joe.

Location: 3610 Broadway, New York, NY 10031

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm and 8am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday

Phone: +1 212-368-8881

Website: chippedcupcoffee 

Social Media: IG @partnerscoffee, Twitter @partners_coffee, and Facebook Partners Coffee

Kam Hing Coffee Shop 

This coffee shop takes you to China. Kam Hing is known for producing Chinese-style sponge cakes in many flavors and other pastries. The coffee shop is highly rated and has a unique outdoor setting. If you want a different feeling from the regular US coffee shop, Kam Hing is the place to visit.

Location: 118 Baxter St New York, NY 10013

Operating Hours: Monday to Wednesday from 7am to 7:30pm and 7am to 8pm from Thursday until Sunday.

Phone: +1 (646) 552-7867

Social Media: IG @newkamhing and Facebook Kam Hing Bakery


At Judy’s, coffee drinkers are offered a rotating selection of fresh La Colombe coffee, beer, wines, and other espressos. The coffee shop is a great place to enjoy a menu filled with goodness to kickstart your day and an equivalent amount of the same to end the day.

Location: 4022 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday from 8am to 12am; 8am to 2am on Friday; 9am to 12am on Saturday and Sunday

Phone: +1 929-337-6252

Social Media: IG @judyssunsetpark and Facebook Judy’s BK



This article has provided an overview of the best NYC coffee shops with outdoor seating. If you want to enjoy a cup of joe while you don’t lose work time, the coffee shops in this review are perfect options. There are many wonderful choices for NYC shops and cafes with outdoor seating, making your coffee experience that much more enjoyable.

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