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Clutch a Throat Cooling Coffee and Other Beverages | Clutch Coffee Menu Prices

Clutching a refreshing beverage is one of the fantastic experiences. The clutch coffee bar is amazing and offers a range of beverages you can enjoy at all times. For people who can’t skip a day without a cup of mocha, Latte, and other coffee-based drinks, Clutch coffee is a superb place to place your bet. 

The Clutch coffee menu prices guide prove that you have a wide range of beverages to grab at this coffee bar. When service and quality menu are your priority, let’s see what it offers. 

What is Clutch coffee? 

Clutch coffee bar is a drive-thru coffee chain café based in the United States. The coffee brand is based in Mooresville, North Carolina, and was Founded in 2018 by Darren Spicer and John Anderson. 

The coffee bar is one of the cafes where you can enjoy amazing coffee alongside other drinks. Further, the customer-centric services ensure the experience is outstanding and irresistible. 

Apart from the unmatched services, the number of beverages you can get at Clutch coffee is thrilling. As you drink your coffee, there are also a few snacks to grab. 

Where is Clutch Coffee Located? 

Clutch coffee is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina. However, it also has other locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, and San Francisco. As of January 2023, the coffee bar had 6 locations and 2 upcoming ones. 

Who owns Clutch coffee? 

Since its founding, Clutch Coffee has not changed its ownership. Darren Spicer and John Anderson still own it. The café is a private company and is not yet traded in stock on a stock exchange. 

Many people wonder whether clutch coffee is a franchise. However, the brand is not a franchise; according to the owners, they are not planning to franchise it. 

Where does Clutch coffee get its coffee? 

Before sipping coffee, the origin of coffee is a major concern. Clutch coffee sources its coffee from Dillanos Coffee Roasters. The roaster has long experience and sources coffee from Africa, Asia, and South America.

Coffee from various origins and blends makes the coffee brand an excellent customer choice. 

Clutch Coffee Menu Prices

Clutch coffee


Item Size Price 
Clutch EnergySmall $4.25
Clutch EnergyMedium $5.50
Clutch EnergyLarge $6.50
Hot TeaSmall $2.00
Hot TeaMedium $2.50
Hot TeaLarge $3.00
Iced TeaSmall $2.50
Iced TeaMedium $3.00
Iced TeaLarge $3.50
ShakesSmall $4.25
ShakesMedium $5.50
ShakesLarge $6.50
Real Fruit SmoothieSmall $4.25
Real Fruit SmoothieMedium $5.50
Real Fruit SmoothieLarge $6.50
Muscle Mocha$5.50

Signature Drinks

DrinkSize Price 
Pumpkin MacchiatoSmall $5.00
Pumpkin MacchiatoMedium $4.25
Pumpkin MacchiatoLarge$3.75
Charger LatteSmall $4.75
Charger LatteMedium $5.25
Charger LatteLarge $6.00
Campfire MochaSmall $4.75
Campfire MochaMedium $5.25
Campfire MochaLarge $6.00
White Russian LatteSmall $4.75
White Russian LatteMedium $5.25
White Russian LatteLarge $6.00
Trifecta MochaSmall $3.75
Trifecta MochaMedium $4.25
Trifecta MochaLarge $5.00
Irish Dream LatteSmall $3.75
Irish Dream LatteMedium $4.25
Irish Dream LatteLarge $5.00
Flat White LatteSmall $7.50
Flat White LatteMedium $8.00
Flat White LatteLarge $8.75
Dream Bar MochaSmall $3.75
Dream Bar MochaMedium $4.25
Dream Bar MochaLarge $5.00
Cloud Nine MochaSmall $3.75
Cloud Nine MochaMedium $4.25
Cloud Nine MochaLarge $5.00
Caramel MacchiatoSmall $3.75
Caramel MacchiatoMedium $4.25
Caramel MacchiatoLarge $5.00
Base Jumper MochaSmall $3.75
Base Jumper MochaMedium $4.25
Base Jumper MochaLarge $5.00
Avalanche LatteSmall $3.75
Avalanche LatteMedium $4.25
Avalanche LatteLarge $5.00
Aloha LatteSmall $3.75
Aloha LatteMedium $4.25
Aloha LatteLarge $5.00

Clutch Chills 

Drink Size Price 
White Russian ChillSmall $5.25
White Russian ChillMedium $6.50
White Russian ChillLarge $7.50
Charger ChillSmall $5.25
Charger ChillMedium $6.50
Charger ChillLarge $7.50
Campfire ChillSmall $5.25
Campfire ChillMedium $6.50
Campfire ChillLarge $7.50
White Mocha ChillSmall $4.25
White Mocha ChillMedium $5.50
White Mocha ChillLarge $6.50
Trifecta ChillSmall $4.25
Trifecta ChillMedium $5.50
Trifecta ChillLarge $6.50
Mocha ChillSmall $4.25
Mocha ChillMedium $5.50
Mocha ChillLarge $6.50
IrishDream ChillSmall $4.25
IrishDream ChillMedium $5.50
IrishDream ChillLarge $6.50
Cloud Nine ChillSmall $4.25
Cloud Nine ChillMedium $5.50
Cloud Nine ChillLarge $6.50
Caramel Macchiato ChillSmall $4.25
Caramel Macchiato ChillMedium $5.50
Caramel Macchiato ChillLarge $6.50
Base Jumper ChillSmall $4.25
Base Jumper ChillMedium $5.50
Base Jumper ChillLarge $6.50
Avalanche ChillSmall $4.25
Avalanche ChillMedium $5.50
Avalanche ChillLarge $6.50
Aloha ChillSmall $4.25
Aloha ChillMedium $5.50
Aloha ChillLarge $6.50

Clutch Classics

Drink Size Price 
Pumpkin LatteSmall $3.75
Pumpkin LatteMedium $4.25
Pumpkin LatteLarge $5.00
LatteSmall $3.75
LatteMedium $4.25
LatteLarge $5.00
CappuccinoSmall $3.75
CappuccinoMedium $4.25
CappuccinoLarge $5.00
White MochaSmall $3.50
White MochaMedium $4.00
White MochaLarge $4.50
Italian SodaSmall $2.50
Italian SodaMedium $3.00
Italian SodaLarge $3.50
Hot Chocolate Small $2.50
Hot Chocolate Medium $3.00
Hot Chocolate Large $3.50
Cold BrewSmall $3.00
Cold BrewMedium $3.50
Cold BrewLarge $3.50
Chai LatteSmall $3.75
Chai LatteMedium $4.25
Chai LatteLarge $5.00
BreveSmall $3.75
BreveMedium $4.25
BreveLarge $5.00
AmericanoSmall $2.00
AmericanoMedium $2.50
AmericanoLarge $3.25
MochaSmall $3.75
MochaMedium $4.25
MochaLarge $5.00
Flat WhiteSmall $3.75
Flat WhiteMedium $4.25
Flat WhiteLarge $5.00

Clutch Kids

Drink SizePrice 
Italian Soda$2.00
Hot Chocolate$2.00

Signature Juices 

Watermelon JuiceSmall $3.50
Watermelon JuiceMedium $4.00
Watermelon JuiceLarge $4.50
Blooming Berry JuiceSmall $3.50
Blooming Berry JuiceMedium $4.00
Blooming Berry JuiceLarge $4.50
Harvest GreensSmall $3.50
Harvest GreensMedium $4.00
Harvest GreensLarge $4.50


Food SizePros 
Almond Butter Oat Bars$2.25
Propeller Oatmeal$3.50

How to order from Clutch Coffee? 

Happy with the Clutch coffee menu? You can enjoy it by ordering directly while at the café. Also, the coffee shop offers deliveries through Toasttab. For bagged coffee and merchandise, you can get them at their stores or order online. 

If you want to order online from the coffee bar, this is the process. 

1. Log into the Toasttab Clutch coffee menu page here

order Clutch coffee 1

2. On the displayed menu, choose your target item. Customize the order to your satisfaction. 

order Clutch coffee 3

3. Once the order is complete, click on the ‘Add to cart’ button to complete your order. 

Clutch coffee contact information 

Postal address: 154 W Plaza Dr., Mooresville, NC 2811

Operating Time: Mon-Sun 5 am–9 pm

Telephone: +1 541-643-1144

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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YouTube: None 


Important Links 

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Final Words 

Clutch coffee has a massive selection of drinks you can always drink. It has impressive beverages ranging from coffee and others that are ideal for all ages. With incredible drinks even Can kids drink decaf coffee?, everyone will enjoy exploring this Clutch coffee menu prices. 


Does Clutch coffee accept cash? 

Clutch coffee doesn’t accept cash. However, they accept credit cards and mobile money apps like Apple and Google Pay.

Is there outdoor seating at Clutch coffee? 

No, the coffee bar doesn’t have outdoor seating. 

Does Clutch coffee offer military discounts? 

Yes, the coffee bar offers all military and veterans a 10% discount during the veteran day.

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