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The latest Sheetz menu prices are here!

Do you get unexpected hunger pangs while shopping at a convenience store? You can search for the Sheetz menu near me. Sheetz is the location where you may end your problem.

Sheetz is a network of convenience stores and petrol stations that also sells fast cuisine from its kitchen. These are quite reasonable, and in most regions, you can have a decent lunch for less than $5. Don’t forget to check out the full food Sheetz menu given below.

Sheetz menu description

Here are the latest Sheetz menu prices. Let’s have a look.

Breakfast Menu

FoodPrice (in $)
Chicken Kickin$3.69
Showdown Protein$4.19
Egg Sammich And Fried Bacon$5.20
Bacon Croissant- Dreamy$2.49
BLT Twisted$3.15
Walker Ranger- Breakfast$4.19
Chicken – Farmhouse$3.99
Protein Showdown$4.19

Breakfast Bread

FoodPrice (in $)Size
Biscuit$1.191 Pc.
Muffin-English$1.191 Pc.
Plain Bagel$1.191 Pc.
Croissant$1.191 Pc.
Roll Pretzel$1.001 Pc.
Roll Ciabatta$1.001 Pc.
Sourdough- Sliced$1.001 Pc.


FoodPrice (in $)
Chicken- Grilled$5.00
Fresh Cold Cut$5.19
Turkey- Premium$6.00

Chicken Sandwiches

FoodPrice (in $)
Sandwich-The Big Mozz$6.39
Sandwich- Carolina Slaw$5.69
Sandwich- Atomic$5.29
Sandwich- True MTO$4.00
Sandwich-Twisted Brunch$6.29
Sandwich- The Boss Bacon$5.19


FoodPrice (in $)
Burger– Cowboy$6.39
Burger- The Big Mozz$6.39
Burger- True MTO$4.00
Burger- Twisted Swiss$6.79

Snacks and Sides

FoodPrice (in $)Size
Fryz Loaded$4.99 
Bucket -Fryz$3.79Bucket
Cup- Fryz$2.79Cup
Bag- Tater Totz$2.59Bag
Bag- Fryz$1.79Bag
Sticks – Mozzarella$3.29 
Mac N’ Cheese Bites$3.29 
Cup- Tater Totz$3.29Cup
Boiled Eggs- Hard$1.79 
Slices -Apple$1.29 
Bucket- Tater Totz$4.59Bucket
Totz- Loaded$.00 
Cheese Bites- Wisconsin$4.99Large
Cheese Bites- Wisconsin$3.29Regular
Cheese Pretzel- Jalapeno$2.99 
Cole Slaw$1.99 
Onion Rings- Bucket$4.59Bucket
Onion Rings- Bag$2.59Bag
Onion Rings- Cup$3.29Cup

Coffee and Specialty Drinks

FoodPrice (in $)Size
Milkshake- Oreo$3.99Regular
Milkshake- Pucker$4.79Regular
Milkshake- Reese’s PB$4.29Regular
Milkshake- Vanilla$3.99Regular
Milkshake- Chocolate$3.99Regular
Smoothie- Banana Strawberry$3.99Regular
Smoothie- Pucker$4.59Regular
Smoothie- MTO$3.99Regular
Iced Mocha– MTO$4.09Regular
Hot Latte– MTO$2.99Regular
Hot Mocha – MTO$3.99Regular
Iced Latte$2.99Regular


FoodPrice (in $)
Salad- Fruity Nut Chicken$6.99
Salad- Spicy Chicken Caesar$6.99
Salad- Steak n’ Fryz$7.99
Salad- California Cobb$7.99

Hot Dogs

FoodPrice (in $)
BLT Dog – Jalapeno$2.99
Philly – Dog$2.49
BLT – Dog$1.99
Shmokehouse Dog$1.99
Firehouse Dog$2.49
Junkyard Dog$1.79


FoodPrice (in $)
Pizza- Pepperoni Personal$2.99
Pizza- Personal Cheese$2.99
Pizza- Five Meat Personal$2.99
Pizza- Pepperolli’z$3.99


FoodPrice (in $)Size
Fish Wrap       $4.00 
Fish Shack – Wrap$2.29 
Fish Sub$6.5812 in.
Fish Sub$3.296 in.
Sandwich – Fish Sub$4.29 
full food sheetz menu

What does Sheetz sell?

Breakfast, burgers, chicken, hot dogs, hot dogs, melts, pizza, salad, appetizers, sides, subs, hot dogs, wraps, coffee, snacks for kiddies, bakery, bottled beverages, sweets, chips, energy drinks, and nuts are all available on the Sheetz menu.

How to order from the Sheetz menu online?

You may order meals from Sheetz online; however, there is a catch. Although you cannot order food directly from Sheetz, Sheetz has collaborated with GrubHub to give you excellent and appetizing meals.

To place an order, visit GrubHub’s official website and search for a Sheetz location near you. Then, it will display the Sheetz menu and associated pricing. Next, order the food you wish to consume and input your address and payment method.

You can pay online or in person, whichever is more convenient for you. Wait for your food to come, and then enjoy your delicious and affordable Sheetz lunch.

When does Sheetz give free coffee?

An offer for both a complimentary self-serve coffee or a free Cup’occino will be put to your My Sheetz Points account every Friday. And you can redeem it after 1 week of its creation.

What is Sheetz red alert coffee?

Coffee with twice as much caffeine as other caffeinated coffees is called “red alert.” Keep awake with this super-strong coffee, which has twice as much caffeine as other caffeinated coffees. To start making Red Alert double caffeine-containing coffee, only the best coffee beans are used. They are then roasted to the right shade of dark.

How many ounces is a large Sheetz coffee?

It comes in 16-ounce cups, and there are a lot of different kinds of coffees and all-blends you can choose from.

How much is coffee at Sheetz?

The price of coffee at Sheetz for regular hot latte MTO is $ 2.99.

How much is the Sheetz coffee pouch?

You can get various beverages that come in bottled coffee; some of them are Mocha- Java Monster 15oz for $ 3.29, DS Energy Starbucks + Mocha 15oz for $3.79, French Vanilla Dunkin Donuts 13.7oz for $ 3.09, Vanilla + DS Energy Starbucks 15oz for $3.79, Mocha Dunkin Donuts 13.7oz for $ 3.09, and so on.

How much caffeine is in Sheetz canned iced coffee?

Sheetz canned iced coffee of 16 ounces (473 mL) contains 165 mg of caffeine.

How does a small Sheetz coffee have 0 calories?

Coffee is among the world’s most popular beverages, owing in great part to its amount of caffeine. However,small Sheetz coffee contains no flavoring things; hence, it has no calories. 

What are the Sheetz menu specials?

The Sheetz menu’s most special dishes are its dubbed Shwing, chicken wings, and breakfast sandwiches, dubbed Shmuffinz.

Final Thought

You can see the perfect solution in the Sheetz menu. It contains various options for your hunger. They are known for their mac ‘n cheese. Besides that, they have a lot of different kinds of food, like breakfast foods and sandwiches that are both hot and cold, wraps that are hot and cold, melts, chicken, pizza, salads, snacks, hot dogs, fish, and burgers. 

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