how many coffee beans per cup

Speculating how much coffee per cup? This is how you get it right

A day without a cup of this cherished beverage feels like an apocalypse for ardent coffee lovers. Making a cup seems an ordinary process to many people. But, for a dedicated barista, the quality of the beverage is the key. 

When measuring the amount of coffee to use, people use different methods. Approximation using tablespoon and coffee scoops are some of the common methods. This leaves most people questioning how many coffee beans per cup. 

The good thing is you are in the right place, and you will learn all about making a perfect cup. Everything about measuring coffee when brewing is all you are going to learn. 

How much coffee grounds per cup?

how many grams of coffee per cup

According to the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association of America), they have a golden ratio of 55 grams per 1 liter of water. However, to make it even simple, you need 2 tablespoons of ground coffee to add to one cup of water. 

If you are the type of barista who loves perfection, you need to use a kitchen scale. In this, measure 0.38oz (10.66g) of ground coffee per cup of beverage. 

Not everyone understands the imperial, and it’s enough to make you give up on making a perfect cup of coffee. But, exactly how many grams of coffee per cup? 

The good thing is a most recent kitchen can convert oz to grams. However, if you don’t have this feature, you need to measure 10.66 grams and add to one cup of water. Just playing with these simple measurements, and you have a heavenly tasting brew. 

How many coffee beans to grind per cup? 

The weight and size of coffee beans differ. What determines the size is the variety, degree of drying, and initial management at the farm. 

The weight normally differs depending on the degree of roasting. However, the average weight of a brewing coffee bean is 0.1325 grams. 

Suppose you want a number of coffee beans to grind for one cup without measuring. It’s easy by taking 10.66 grams and dividing with 0.1325g; you get 80.4 beans. 

Now, with that said, how much whole coffee beans per cup? For people who love whole beans brewing, you don’t need to keep measuring. By counting 80 beans, you are all set for the brewing process. However, the process takes a bit of time. 

How much coffee beans for 12 cups 

Brewing more than one cup should not be an issue. You only need to play with numbers, and you have it right. 

If you are using a standard 8oz cup, you need to multiply 0.38oz by 12 or 10.66g by 12, giving you 4.56 oz and 127.92g. 

Wait, I have ground coffee and want to make 12 cups; how much coffee grounds for 12 cups? This one is straightforward. With a tablespoon, take 24 scoops. This is if you don’t have a weighing scale. 

How much coffee grounds for 2 cups?

If you are preparing 2 cups of coffee brew using grounded coffee, the process is easy. Using a tablespoon, measure 4 scoops, and it will deliver a strong flavored coffee brew. 

It is even easier to measure accurately when using a digital measuring scale. You will need 0.76 oz or 21.32 grams. 

How much coffee grounds for 3 cups?

When you need to brew 3 coffee cups using ground beans, you can do it effortlessly. The process requires you to calculate the number of tablespoons needed for 3 cups. In this case, you need 6 full tablespoons to achieve superb coffee. 

If you have a measuring scale, measure 1.14 oz or 33.98 grams. 

How many scoops of espresso per cup 

Drinking espresso doesn’t need to be expensive. It’s possible to make a perfect one at home. However, measuring the right amount of coffee is vital to attain the best taste and stimulation. 

Normally, making a single shot of espresso requires 7 grams of grounded coffee. Double shout, therefore, needs 14 grams of grounded coffee. Using an espresso scoop or tablespoon is ok when brewing. 

Since one espresso is 1 ounce, you can tweak the number of coffee scoops needed to make one cup. Considering espresso is a highly concentrated drink, you need more scoops to achieve one cup. 

How much Starbucks coffee grounds per cup? 

Brewing Starbucks ground coffee is amazing. The taste and smell are awesome. However, how much coffee you need depends on the size of your cup. 

Normally, Starbuck ground coffee requires 10 grams for 6 ounces of water. The brewing water for the perfect beverage should be around 195F- 205F. 

How do you brew coffee? Methods of Brewing Coffee  

Besides knowing the amount of coffee to use, brewing is also essential. A good brew should be smooth and free from bitter taste. Some of the popular methods include are; 


This is how the process entails

  • Get evenly grounded coffee beans 
  • Feed the coffee into a filter basket 
  • Pour hot water into the drip coffee machine and let it stay level of the grounds 
  • Monitor the machine and stop after bubbling stops to prevent bitter taste 
  • The process usually takes 5 minutes 

French press 

The French press method is one of the best ways to brew top-tasting coffee. It produces beverages with superior flavors and consistency. 

 The process involves 

  • Bring clean and mineral-free water to the boiling point 
  • Ensure your coffee has a uniform grind and place them into the French press 
  • Turn off the heat source, wait for one minute and pour it into the ground coffee. 
  • Stir the mixture and wait for about 4 minutes 
  • To separate coffee grounds from the brew, press the plunger
  • Your coffee is ready to drink 


Pour over is another method that is superb for coffee brewers. Giving full independence and control also yields a fantastic brew. 

Here is how it goes. 

  • Grind the coffee into the uniform ground 
  • Heat water to a boiling point 
  • Rinse the filter by pouring hot water, which also warms it 
  • Put the grounded coffee into the filter and level it correctly
  • Pour water in a spiral manner until the grounds are saturated, and they start dripping 
  • Continue adding remaining water into the grounds to three-quarters full and wait for 4 minutes. 
  • Enjoy your coffee 


 Siphoning is a handy and spectacular way of making a yummy beverage. The method involves; 

  • Place the coffee bean in the upper section of the vessel 
  • Add hot water to the lower part of vessel 
  • Put on the heat; the steam pressure will facilitate immersion of coffee beans 
  • Brew the coffee for 40 seconds and turn off the heat. 
  • Saturated coffee will start dripping to the down chamber through gravity 
  • The coffee is ready for sipping 


It’s evident that if you want to obtain the best-tasting coffee, adding the right quantity of beans is vital. There is no more confusion about how many coffee beans per cup with the discussed means of determining the correct volume. 

Whether you are preparing a single cup or several, it’s now easy to calculate the right amount of beans or grounded coffee. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to make the best coffee and appreciate yourself. 

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