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Find the Best Coffee, Breakfast & Lunch in Gilbert | The Coffee Shop Menu

The need to enjoy homemade recipes should see you heading to The Coffee Shop. It’s the right place to enjoy freshly prepared meals and beverages. If you live in Gilbert, Arizona, the coffee shop menu with prices is all you need to have a regular place to enjoy tasty treats. Whether it’s your favorite fish tacos, coffee, and tea, let’s explore the full menu and see what the café has. 

What is The Coffee Shop? 

The Coffee Shop is a café based in Agritopia, Gilbert, Arizona, United States. Founded and owned by Jessica C, the café was founded in 2006. Since its founding, the coffee shop continues to provide some of the best meals in the town. The coffee, tea, baked and other food are fantastic treats you can enjoy in the cafe. 

Why Is the Coffee Shop Popular? 

The most popular items that make the café popular include breakfast Burritos, sandwiches, Mahi Mahi fish tacos, hot coffee, and tea. Besides these popular treats, the café has a large menu to explore. 

When Is Food Served in The Coffee Shop?

The coffee Shop café serves breakfast and lunch alongside beverages. However, when is breakfast served? If you want to catch breakfast, the café serves from morning to 12 pm. 

When is lunch served in The Coffee Shop? Lunch is served all day from morning until closing hours. 

What Coffee Does The Coffee Shop Use? 

The café serves freshly brewed and roasted coffee. Since the café roasts its coffee, freshness and quality are assured. Besides the brewed coffee, you can also enjoy bagged coffee for anyone who loves brewing at home

How Many The Coffee Shop Locations Are There? 

Although the AZ coffee shop opened over 15 years ago, it has maintained a single store. As of February 2023, the coffee shop has only one location in Gilbert, Arizona.

The Coffee Shop Menu Summary  

the coffee shop food list


Item  Price  
Papas Grande Burrito$10.25
Chorizo & Egg Burrito$9.95
Supreme Burrito$10.50
Parker Burrito$10.50
Spicy Ham & Bacon Burrito$10.50

Omelettes & Scrambles

Item  Price  
San Diegan Omelette$10.95
T.J. Omelette$10.75
Imperial Omelette$10.25
Yountville Omelette$10.75
Veggie Scramble$9.95
Mediterranean Scramble$9.95
Ham & Jalepeño Scramble$9.95
Custom Omelette$4.00


Item  Price  
T.C.S. Waffle$7.95
The All American$12.25
Breakfast Sandwiches$9.50
The Curtie Breakfast Sandwich$9.75
Rosa Breakfast Panini$10.50
Baby Got Jack Breakfast Panini$10.50


Item   Price  
Santa Barbara Bowl$12.50
Harvest Bowl$11.50
Sunset Bowl$10.50


Item  Price  
Tofu Benedict$10.50
Vacation Bagel$6.95
Housemade Granola$9.25
Housemade Granola, Fruit, & Milk$7.95
Housemade Granola & Fruit$7.50
Housemade Granola & Yogurt$7.00
Housemade Granola & Milk$7.00
Housemade Granola


Breakfast Potatoes$3.50
Small (3 Ounce) Fruit$4.00
Large (5 Ounce) Fruit$5.50
Side Salsa$0.50
Side Greens$2.95
Side Vegan Hollandaise Sauce$1.50


Item Price  
Hot Coffee$2.55 – $2.95
Carmel Macchiato$4.25 – $5.05
White Mocha$4.65 – $5.25
Monsoons$4.75 – $5.45
Pumpkin Spice Latte$4.65 – $5.40
Latte$3.85 – $4.55
Spanish Latte$4.25 – $5.05
Carmel Deluxe$4.25 – $5.05
Ice Teas$2.40 – $2.95
Mocha$4.35 – $5.10
Aqua Panna$2.65
Coke Bottle$2.65
Coke Can$2.50
Diet Coke Can$2.50
Martenllini Apple Juice$3.00


Item   Price  
California Club$10.75
Southwestern Chicken$10.25
Pesto Chicken$9.95
Turkey & Havarti$9.75
Chicken Honey Mustard$10.25
Classic B.L.T.$10.75
Egg Salad$9.25
Chicken Salad$9.95
Tuna Salad$9.75
Tomato Basil$9.95
Field Veggie$9.95
Boss Panini$9.75
Tuna Melt Panini$8.95


Item  Price  
Taco Salad Wrap$9.25
Vacation Bagel$6.95

Kids Sandwiches

Item  Price  
Kids PB & J$6.50
Kids Turkey & Cheese$6.95
Kids Grilled Cheese$6.50


Item   Price  
Small (3 OZ) Fruit$4.00
Large (5 OZ) Fruit$5.75
Dill Pickles$1.50
Housemade Granola, Fruit, & Yogurt$9.25


Item   Price  
Red Velvet Cupcake$3.50
Birthday Cake Cupcake$3.50
Sweetheart Cherry Cupcake$3.50
Cookie Dough Cupcake$3.50
Mixed Berry Cupcake$3.50
Coconut Cupcake$3.50
Dozen Cupcakes (OO)$3.50

Whoopie Pie

Item   Price  
Birthday Cake Whoopie$3.75
Cinnamon Sugar Whoopie Pie$3.75
Coconut Whoopie Pie$3.75
Red Velvet Whoopie Pie$3.75

Mini Loaf

Item   Price  
The Good Coffee Cake$3.50
Chocolate Chip Banana Nut$3.50
Blueberry White Chocolate Mini Loaf$3.50
Blueberry Banana Nut Mini Loaf$3.50
Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake$3.50
Chocolate Chip Muffin Mini-Loaf$3.50
Lemon Poppyseed Mini Loaf$3.50

Gluten-Free Scones

Item   Price  
GF Mocha Coconut Scone$3.50
GF Blueberry Lemon Scone$3.50
GF Caramel Banana Chocolate Chip Scone$3.50
GF Raspberry White Chocolate Scone$3.50
GF Mixed Berry Scone$3.50
GF Pumpkin Chocolate Chip$3.50

How to Order from The Coffee Shop?

The shop in Gilbert allows for direct ordering on the counter or online orders. It has dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services. Online ordering is handled through Toasttab, which improves convenience by reducing queuing. 

To place your order is how easy it is. 

1 Go to the official Coffee shop website. 

How to Order from The Coffee Shop 1

2. Click on the ‘Order Now’ to head to Toasttab. 

How to Order from The Coffee Shop 2

3. A new tab will open where you will view the menu. First, schedule time, 

How to Order from The Coffee Shop 3

4. Scroll down, pick your item, customize it, and hit ‘Add to Cart.’

How to Order from The Coffee Shop 4

The Coffee Shop Contact Information & Operating Hours

Postal Address: 3000 E Ray Rd, Ste 102, Gilbert, AZ, United States, 85296-7832 

Operating Time: Mon – Thu 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Fri-Sat: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Sun 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Telephone: +1 480-279-3144

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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Important Links 

Official Website: 


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Final Words 

The Agritopia coffee shop has wonderful treats that people of all ages find exciting. With a variety of food and beverages, there is no more struggling to find a place to feast. The Coffee Shop menu prices and breathtaking flowers create a remarkable relaxing environment. 


Does the Coffee Shop accept cash? 

Yes, the café accepts cash and cashless payment modes. 

Are dogs allowed in The Coffee Shop? 

No, the café doesn’t allow dogs. 

Is there organic milk at The Coffee Shop? 

Yes, there is organic milk as well as non-dairy milk for vegans. 

Is there Wi-Fi in The Coffee Shop? 

The café has free Wi-Fi and enough wall plugs for laptops and phone charging.

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