porto's menu prices

Porto’s menu prices | latest update for best and most affordable meals 

Porto’s bakery is famous for its mouthwatering Cuban delicacies. The café offers you great food hits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

There are many choices, whether you go for their flagship meals, guava-and-cheese strudels, or picadillo-filled potato balls. 

Apart from the meals, you can also enjoy iced tea, coffee, and other beverages. However, before ordering, it is essential to have the latest Porto’s menu price like the one featured below. 

What is Porto’s?

 Porto’s is a family bakery that has been in operation for over 40 years. Established in 1976, the bakery is known for baking super delicious food. 

Who owns Porto’s Bakery? 

The bakery was established by Rosa Porto, a migrant who came from Cuba to California, US. Her skills in baking inspired her to open a bakery on Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park, California. 

Since its initial establishment, the café has expanded and now has a presence in 5 locations. 

Where is Porto’s bakery?

Amazingly, the bakery and café have expanded to 5 locations. The restaurants are in; 

  • Glendale
  • Burbank 
  • Downey 
  • Buena Park
  • West Covina

Besides the existing stores, they have also opened another location at Northridge. Therefore, if you are, when is Porto’s Northridge opening? Now you can enjoy delicacies in your locality

Why is Porto’s so popular?

One thing that makes the restaurant famous is the pastries. The Cuban-style dishes make it unique and famous. In Particular, leches cakes, potato balls, and Cuban sandwiches are on the top menu.

Apart from the few mentioned, it’s also a coffee shop with Porto’s baked goods known for other sweet meals. 

What to get at Porto’s?

There are a lot of menus to get at Porto’s. You can go for coffee, birthday cake, Porto’s cakes, Precios, potato balls, croquettes, and grandiose cakes. 

You can get a lot of food at Porto’s Bakery at highly affordable prices. The great baked products are what is Porto’s bakery known for. 

Porto’s Coffee menu

Apart from pastries, you might be wondering, does Porto’s have a coffee menu? Yes, you can eat your favorite meal and finalize it with a cup of coffee. 

Porto’s catering menu with prices 

Porto’s Savory Menu 

Item Price 
Cheese & Spicy Peppers Potato Ball Each.$1.29
Seafood Potato Ball$1.59
Baked Ham and Cheese Croissant$2.15
Mariquitas (Plantain Chips)$2.65
Tuna Puff$2.25
Chorizo Pie$2.25
Large Chicken Pie (Empanada Gallega)$12.50
Chicken Empanada$1.08
Chicken Croquette$0.96
Ham Croquette$0.86
Pork Tamales$2.05
Potato Ball – Stuffed Potato$0.98
Meat Pie (Pastel De Carne)$0.89

Porto’s House Soup & Salad Menu and Prices 

House soup and salad Price 
Southwestern Grilled Steak Salad$7.68
Garden Salad$4.35
Manahattan Clam Cowder Soup$3.15
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$6.90
Fruit Salad$2.95
Small Side Salads$2.15
Caesar Salad$5.35
Soup Bowl$5.45
Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad$7.48
Portos House Salad$5.45

Porto’s Cafe Savory Menu 

Café SavoryPrice 
Seafood Potato Ball$1.59
Baked Ham and Cheese Croissant$2.15
Mariquitas (Plantain Chips)$2.65
Tuna Puff$2.25
Chorizo Pie$1.15
Chicken Empanada$1.08
Chicken Croquette$0.96
Ham Croquette$0.86
Pork Tamales$2.05
Potato Ball – Stuffed Potato$0.98
Meat Pie (Pastel De Carne)$0.89
Potato balls

Porto’s Sandwiches Platos Cubanos Menu

Sandwiches Platos CubanosPrice
Grilled Steak$7.98
Lechon Slow Roasted Pork$7.88
Ropa Vieja$7.98
Grilled Citrus Chicken Breast$7.88

Porto’s Beverages Menu

Beverage Size Price 
Eggnog LatteSmall $3.30
Medium $3.65
Large $3.99
Fresh Orange JuiceSmall$2.85
Medium $3.50
Hot ChocolateSmall$2.29
Medium $2.59
Mango SmoothieMedium $3.59
Large $3.98
Orange Blast SmoothieMedium $3.59
Large $3.98
Guayaba SmoothieMedium $3.59
Large $3.98
Strawberry SmoothieMedium $3.59
Large $3.98
Strawberry & Banana SmoothieMedium $3.59
Large $3.98
Banana Split SmoothieMedium $3.59
Large $3.98
Banana SmoothieMedium $3.59
Large $3.98
Oreo SmoothieMedium $3.59
Large $3.98
White Chocolate Raspberry SmoothieMedium $3.59
Large $3.98
Iced White Chocolate MochaMedium $3.59
Large $3.98
Iced MochaMedium $3.59
Large $3.98
Iced Vanilla LatteMedium $3.59
Large $3.98
Iced Green LatteMedium $3.65
Large $3.99
Iced Dulce De Leche LatteMedium $3.65
Large $3.99
Iced Chai LatteMedium $3.65
Large $3.99
Iced CappuccinoMedium $3.35
Large $3.69
Portos Iced CoffeeMedium $1.99
Large $3.35
Iced Cafe LatteMedium $3.35
Large $3.69
Blended Vanilla LatteMedium$3.95
Large $4.29
Blended Dulce De Leche LatteMedium $3.95
Large $4.29
Blended CappuccinoMedium $3.95
Large $4.29
Blended MochaMedium $3.95
Vanilla LatteSmall $3.30
Medium $3.65
Large $3.99
Red EyeSmall $1.95
Medium $2.09
Large $2.39
Green Tea LatteSmall $3.30
Medium $3.65
Large $3.99
French Roast CoffeeSmall $1.39
Medium $1.65
Large $1.89
French Vanilla Flavored Brewed CoffeeSmall$1.39
Medium $1.65
Large $1.89
Hazelnut Flavored Brewed CoffeeSmall $1.39
Medium $1.65
Large $1.89
Decaf CoffeeSmall $1.39
Medium $1.65
Large $1.89
CortaditoSingle $1.86
Double $2.39
Chai LatteSmall$3.30
Medium $3.65
Large $3.99
CappuccinoSmall $2.90
Medium $3.35
Large $3.69
Cafe LatteSmall $2.90
Medium $3.35
Large $3.69
Cafe MochaSmall $3.30
Medium $3.65
Large $3.99
Cafe Au LaiSmall $1.95
Medium $2.09
Large $2.39
Gourmet CoffeeSmall $1.39
Medium $1.65
Large $1.89
White Chocolate MochaSmall $3.65
Medium $3.65
Large $3.99
SteamerSmall $1.45
SteamerMedium $1.69
SteamerLarge $1.89
AmericanoSmall $1.69
AmericanoMedium $1.89
AmericanoLarge $2.09
Snapple Kiwi Strawberry$1.75
Snapple Iced Tea$1.75
Iron Beer$1.60
Inca Cola$1.60
Milk – Regular$1.48
Milk – Reduced fat $1.48
Milk- Chocolate$1.48
Fountain – Diet coke $1.80
Fountain – Coca-Cola$1.80
Fountain – Sprite $1.80
Coffee-2-go 96oz$12.98
Hot Tea$1.79
Mamey Shake$3.98
Eggnog Smoothie$3.98
Iced Tea$1.80
Bottled Water$1.5$
Apple Juice
Pumpkin LatteMedium $3.65

Porto’s Bakery Cake Slices & Individual Fancies Menu 

Items Price 
Raspberry Passion Fruit Macaron$3.75
Halloween Pumpkin Eclair$2.50
Halloween Chocolate Eclair$2.50
Graduation Grand Marnier Bomb$3.75
Chocolate Passion Fruit Heart$3.75
Dutch Apple Crumb Individual Pie$3.15
Sugar Free Swiss Chocolate Parfait$3.65
Raspberry Gold Rush$3.65
Milkn Berries$3.65
Pumpkin Pie Individual$3.15
Pumpkin Cheesecake$3.15
Caramel Flan$1.98
Bocado De Principe$1.78
Panetela Borracha De Guayaba$1.95
Tres Leches$2.05
Oreo Cheesecake$3.15
Carrot Cake$2.98
Mango Cheesecake$3.15
New York Cheesecake$2.75
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake$3.15
Mille Fuille$3.65
Napoleon Dulce De Leche$3.15
Cappuccino Mousse$3.65
Flourless Chocolate$3.15
Lemon Mousse Cake$3.15
Creme Brulee$3.15
Pina Colada Mousse$3.15
Fruit Tart$3.15
Triple Chocolate Mousse$3.15
Strawberry Shortcake$2.98
Pineapple Custard Cuban Cake$2.75
Bread Pudding$1.98
Powder Sugar Cream Horn$1.78
Chocolate Eclair$1.78
Caramel Eclair$1.78
Caramel Cream Horn$1.78

Porto’s Bakery Danishes & Baked Yummies Menu 

Food Prices 
White Cupcake$1.75
Pineapple and Cheese Danish$1.28
Fresh Pear Danish$1.78
Apricot and Cheese Danish$1.28
Apple and Cherry Danish$1.28
Pumpkin Muffin$1.28
Oat or Bran Muffin$1.28
Chocolate Chip Muffin$1.28
Carrot and Apple Muffin$1.28
Blueberry Muffin$1.28
Apple Bran Muffin$1.28
Mango Turnover$1.35
Cherry Turnover$1.35
Pineapple Empanada$0.98
Mango Empanada$0.98
Mixed Berry Danish$2.50
Old Fashioned Cinnamon Roll$1.60
Dulce de Leche Cake Individual$1.98
Lemon Poppy Seed Cake Individual$1.98
Crumb Cake Individual$1.98
Chocolate Biscotti$0.95
Sally Cake$1.98
Apple Empanadas$0.98
Almond Danish$1.35
Apple Bran Muffin$1.28
Sweet Bread$2.05
Banana Nut Muffin$1.28
Coconut Glaze$0.85
Coconut Macaroon$0.98
Cranberry Orange Scone$1.68
Elephant Ear$0.98
Almond Biscotti$0.95

Porto’s Bakery Cookies, Brownies & Cupcakes Menu 

Food Price 
Brownie 1 or 2 Sheet$50.00
Brownie 1 or 4 Sheet$25.00
Dozen Assorted Cookies$5.75
Dozen Peanut Butter Cookies$5.75
Dozen Oatmeal or Raisin Cookies$5.75
Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookies$5.75
Peanut Butter Cookie$0.55
Oatmeal or Raisin Cookie$0.55
Chocolate Chip Cookie$0.55
Mini Red Velvet Cupcake$1.05
Mini White Cupcake$1.05
Chocolate Truffle Cupcake$1.75
Mini Red Velvet Cupcake$1.05
Mini Chocolate Cupcake$1.05
Cafe Latte Cupcake White$1.75
White Cupcake$1.75
Strawberry Cupcake$1.75
Halloween Skull Cookie$3.25
Halloween Witch Decorated Cookie$3.25
Halloween Red Velvet Cupcake$1.95
Halloween Bat Decorated Cookies$3.25
Dia De Los Muertos Parisian Cupcake$1.95
Raspberry Filled Heart Cookie Box$5.88
Blueberry Strati Cupcake$3.25
Easter Bunny Individual$3.95
Specialty Cookies (Dozen)$5.75
Brownie Slice$1.45
Florentine Cookie$0.65
Shortbread Cookie (Polvoron)$0.55
Raspberry Filled Heart Cookie Each.$0.98
Dulce De Leche Kiss$0.55
Raspberry Kiss$0.55
Decorated Cookie$1.68
Dozen Holiday Sprinkled Butter$5.75
Sprinkled Butter Cookie$0.55

Porto’s Menu FAQ 

What coffee brand does Porto’s use?

Drinking coffee at Porto’s creates a great feeling. The restaurant sources its beans from Guatemala. Organic in nature, the Arabica coffee beans have an authentic taste and smooth feel. 

What is Porto’s bakery iced coffee calories?

The number of calories in your Porto’s iced coffee is approximately 570 calories. However, the calories might differ depending on the customization. 

What time does Porto’s online ordering open?

If you want to buy something from Porto’s, you can drive to the restaurant or order online. However, it’s between 4:30 AM to 6:00 PM for online orders. 


Porto’s is a great place to enjoy Cuban savory and other dishes. It has a massive collection of dishes, making it one of the ideal options. 

Whether it’s pastries, drinks, or seasonal meals, you have a great choice. The Porto’s menu price in this article helps you plan what to order.