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What to Order from Black Rock Coffee? Black Rock Coffee Menu Prices

Have you ever stepped foot in Black Rock coffee bar? If not yet, I would recommend you try their menu. The coffee bar is known for its amazing beverages. Especially you can always find hot and cold coffee. Also, other coffeeless drinks exist. 

I have listed the latest Black Rock coffee menu to ensure confidence when visiting the restaurant. Whether it’s drip coffee, breve, mocha, and other drinks, check how much to pay for extra refreshments.

What is Black Rock coffee bar? 

Black Rock coffee bar, or BR/BRC, is a drive-through coffee shop based in the United States. Although not as large as other prominent brands, it is available in different locations and has over 100 stores as of November 2022. 

Where did black rock coffee start? Founded in 2008, by Jeff Hernandez, in Portland, Oregon, it has rapidly expanded to other states. Currently, the coffee bar is available in 7 states. However, the headquarters are in Beaverton, Oregon. 

Well, besides being founded in Oregon, who owns black rock coffee? The company operates as a franchise and is one of the fastest-growing coffee companies. Regarding its ownership, it is still owned by the founder Jeff Hernandez, and it’s a family-owned business. 

Black Rock coffee bar operations 

For coffee lovers, you might wonder whether the coffee bar is open throughout the day 24 hours. However, it is only operated during scheduled times. 

What time does black rock coffee open? The usual opening time is 5:00 AM. Regarding the closing time, it closes at 9:00 PM. Besides the regular day opening, you can enjoy coffee even during the holidays since the stores remain open. On Thanksgiving Day, the company operations hours are reduced and open from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. 

Does black rock coffee have food?

A cup of coffee goes well with a bite. That is why many customers are like does Black Rock Coffee sell food? Black Rock Coffee doesn’t offer food if you love delicious food from restaurants. Even snacks aren’t available, and you can only select a variety of drinks. Alternatively, the coffee bar has amazing smoothies that can offer great refreshments. 

Black rock coffee menu prices

Blended drinks

Drink Price 
Caramel Blonde Chiller $5.35
Irish Coffee Chiller $5.35
Caramel Truffle Chiller $5.35
Mocha Chiller $5.35
Mexican Mocha Chiller $5.35
Latter Chiller $5.35
Jackhammer Chiller $7.20
Blackout Chiller $5.35
Chai Chiller $5.35
Oreo Chiller $5.35
I.V Chiller $7.18
Chocolate Chip Chiller $5.35
Mint Chip Chiller $5.35
White Mocha Chiller $5.35

Hot Classic Drinks 

Drink Price 
Hot Mocha $4.40
Hot Breve $4.40
Hot White Mocha $4.40
Hot Cappuccino $4.15
Hot Latte $4.15
Hot Americano $3.00

Popular Choices

Item Price 
Flavored fuel $5.50
Real Fruit Smoothie $5.00

Picked for you 

Drink Price 
Iced Fuel $5.50

Hot Premium Drinks 

Drink Price 
Hot I.V$5.60
Hot Jackhammer $5.40
Hot Mexican Mocha $4.75
Hot Irish Coffee $4.75
Hot Blackout $4.75
Hot Caramel Truffle$4.75
Hot Caramel Blondie $4.75

Iced Drinks 

Drink Price 
Iced White Mocha $4.40
Iced Mocha $4.40
Iced Mexican Mocha $4.75
Iced Latte $4.15
Iced Jackhammer $5.40
Iced I.V$5.60
Iced Irish Coffee $4.75
Iced Caramel Truffle $4.75
Iced Caramel Blondie$4.75
Iced Chai $4.50
Iced Breve $4.40
Iced Blackout $4.75
Iced Americano$3.00
Cold Brew $4.75

Fuel Energy Drinks 

Drink Price 
Fuel Slushy$5.35
Fuel Smoothie $5.35

Coffeeless Drinks 

Smoothie $4.61
Shake $4.84
Shaken Iced Tea $3.00
Hot Tea$3.00
Italian Soda $3.40
Hot Chai Tea Latte$4.50
Chai Tea Latte$4.50
Hot Chocolate $3.20

Lil Rockers 

Item Price 
Warm Cocoa $3.00
Kid Smoothies $3.75
Kid Shakes$3.75
Juice $3.00

Packed Coffee 

Coffee Weight Price 
OLD TOWN12oz$16
OLD TOWN2lb$28
K-CUPS – STEEL BRIDGE24 Counts $20


If coffee is your favorite, Black Rock coffee bar is the ultimate place to visit. There is a lot to enjoy besides coffee, ensuring everyone is catered for. Whether it’s adults or kids, everyone can sip a premium drink. It is even now easy to order your coffee easily by referring to this Black Rock Coffee menu price. 


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