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Have You Tasted Marylou’s Funky Fanabla And Coffee? Marylou’s Coffee Menu

Many coffee shops are available when exploring different places around the US. When you need to take a break from the giant coffee chain shops, there are other cafés where you can soothe your throat with premium coffee. Marylou’s coffee is one of the ideal places with notable coffee and other beverages. 

If you would love to enjoy coffee, tea or chocolate from Marylou’s, the café has every reason to keep returning. Before you think about what to order, let’s check the latest Marylou coffee menu price. Also, I’ll share where the café is located and its operating time. 

What is Marylou’s coffee? 

Marylou’s coffee is a franchise coffee shop that deals with specialty coffee. The brand is especially popular for iced and flavored coffee and other beverages. It was founded in Hanover, Massachusetts, in 1986 by Marylou Sandry. The coffee shop has operated for over 30 years and now serves Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

Who owns Marylou’s coffee? 

Marylou Sandry still owns Marylou’s coffee as of December 2022. The dedication of the owner has seen the brand grow tremendously. Besides the owner’s hard work, Marylou’s coffee is a franchise that has also helped boost its expansion. 

How many Marylou’s locations are there? 

Since its founding, Marylou’s has expanded into different locations within Massachusetts and Rhode Island. As of December 2022, the coffee shop had 42 locations. The latest location is 225 Waverley Oaks Road, Waltham, which opened in October 2022

Where Does Marylou’s coffee get its coffee? 

Regarding the sourcing of coffee, Marylou’s procures its coffee from Brazil, Colombia, and various countries in Central America. The company meticulously selects and sources the beans, then proceeds to roast and blend them to create unique flavors and exceptional experiences. However, it’s worth noting that Marylou’s coffee is not organic.

Marylou’s Coffee Menu Prices

how much Marylous coffee

Regular Coffee (Hot)

Drink Size Price 
Regular CoffeeSmall $1.53
Regular CoffeeMedium $1.82
Regular CoffeeLarge $2.05
Regular CoffeeBig Louie $2.35

Decaf Regular (Hot)

Drink Size Price 
Decaf RegularSmall $1.53
Decaf RegularMedium $1.82
Decaf RegularLarge $2.05
Decaf RegularBig Louie $2.35

Gourmet Coffee Flavors (Hot)

Drink Size Price 
Gourmet Coffee FlavorsSmall $1.67
Gourmet Coffee FlavorsMedium $1.96
Gourmet Coffee FlavorsLarge $2.20
Gourmet Coffee FlavorsBig Louie $2.53

Decaf Gourmet Coffee (Hot) 

Drink Size Price 
Decaf Gourmet coffee Small $1.67
Decaf Gourmet coffeeMedium $1.96
Decaf Gourmet coffeeLarge $2.20
Decaf Gourmet coffeeBig Louie $2.53

Hot Chai

Drink Size Price 
Hot ChaiSmall $1.67
Hot ChaiMedium $1.96
Hot ChaiLarge $2.20
Hot ChaiBig Louie $2.53

Hot Chocolate (with whipped cream)

Drink Size Price 
ChocolateSmall $1.67
ChocolateLarge $2.20

Hot Tea (any size cup) 

1 tea bag $1.53
2 tea bags $1.82
3 tea bags $2.05

Regular Iced Coffee

Drink Size Price 
Iced Coffee16oz$1.73
Iced Coffee24oz$2.39
Iced Coffee32oz $2.63

Iced regular decaf 

Drink Size Price 
Iced decaf 16oz$1.73
Iced decaf 24oz$2.39
Iced decaf $2.63

Flavored Gourmet Iced Coffee

Drink Size Price 
Flavored Gourmet Iced Coffee (banana nut cream, blueberry cinnamon crumble , butterscotch , cinnamon hazelnut , creamy Irish delight, French vanilla, Hawaiian chocolate nut, hazelnut , Kahlua cream, milk chocolate almond, milky way, mocha mint , raspberry strudel, snick-a-doodledoo, strawberry nut cream, toasted almond, tiramisu , vanilla hazelnut, white chocolate chip)16oz $1.87
Flavored Gourmet Iced Coffee24oz $2.49
Flavored Gourmet Iced Coffee32oz $2.82

Gourmet Decaf Iced Coffee

Drink Size Price 
Gourmet Decaf Iced Coffee (chocolate raspberry, French vanilla , hazelnut, vanilla hazelnut, white chocolate chip, milky way, mocha cinnamon swirl)16oz$1.87
Gourmet Decaf Iced Coffee24oz$2.49
Gourmet Decaf Iced Coffee320z$2.82

Specialty Iced Coffee

Drink Size Price 
Specialty Iced Coffee (creamy chocolate coconut, butterfinger , copa banana, mudslide nutty Irishman , peanut butter wonderful, twix, twix decaf)16oz$1.92
Specialty Iced Coffee24oz$2.63
Specialty Iced Coffee32oz$2.99

Extra Specialty Iced Coffee

Drink Size Price 
Extra Specialty Iced Coffee16oz$2.39
Extra Specialty Iced Coffee24oz $3.16
Extra Specialty Iced Coffee32oz $3.99

Specialty Iced Tea

Drink Size Price 
Specialty Iced Tea16oz$1.92
Specialty Iced Tea24oz$2.63
Specialty Iced Tea32oz$2.99

The Frostylou -Frozen 

Drink Size Price 
The Frostylou (marylous personal favorite strawberry, mocha & vanilla)16oz$3.16
The Frostylou24oz$4.11
The Frostylou32oz$4.76

Screamer -Frozen

Drink Size price
Screamer (made with chaispiced or vanilla)16oz$3.16

Oreo Cookie Monster – Frozen 

Drink Size Price 
Oreo Cookie Monster16oz$3.16
Oreo Cookie Monster24oz$4.11
Oreo Cookie Monster32oz$4.76

Frozen Minty Lou 

Drink Size Price 
Frozen Minty Lou16oz$3.16
Frozen Minty Lou24oz$4.11
Frozen Minty Lou32oz $4.76

Fudgecycle – Frozen

Drink Size Price 
Fudgecycle16oz $3.16

Kidz Kreamz – frozen 

Drink Size Price 
Kidz Kreamz (orange creamsicle, cotton candy, bubble gum and cake batter)16oz $3.16
Kidz Kreamz32oz $4.76

How to order from Marylou’s Coffee? 

Looking to enjoy a beverage from Marylou’s coffee? It’s easy to grab your coffee using an app or walk into the store and order directly. However, the café doesn’t offer delivery services for brewed coffee. The app only allows you to place an order in advance and collect at the selected location. 

Marylou’s coffee contact information 

Postal address: 308 Willard St, Quincy, MA 02169, United States

Operating Time: Mon-Sat 5:00 AM-8:00 PM, Sun 6:00 AM-8:00 PM

Telephone: +1 781-749-4785

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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Final Words 

Marylou’s coffee should be on the list of coffee to taste. The coffee blended for years is amazing and provides unique and authentic flavors. Whether you like Marylou’s coffee menu prices or bagged coffee, you can always quench your thirst. 


Is Marylou’s a public company? 

No, it’s a private company. Currently, the company doesn’t have an official ticker symbol. 

Does Marylou’s coffee have food?

The coffee house doesn’t have food. However, there are snacks you can grab as you pick your coffee. 

What is funky Fanabla at Marylou’s coffee? 

Funky Fanabla is Marylou’s signature drink that features coffee, cinnamon hazelnut fluff, cinnamon hazelnut and whipped cream.

What kind of coffee does Marylou’s use?

Marylou’s Coffee uses a combination of high-quality coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Colombia, and other countries in Central America. They single-source the beans, meaning they carefully select specific regions or farms known for producing exceptional coffee. By focusing on sourcing premium beans, Marylou’s aims to deliver a rich and flavorful coffee experience to their customers. The beans are then expertly roasted and blended to create their signature flavors and unique coffee offerings.

Does Marylou’s Coffee offer any decaf coffee options?

Yes, Marylou’s Coffee does offer decaf coffee options. They understand that some customers prefer or require decaffeinated beverages, and thus provide a selection of decaf coffee for those individuals.

Does Marylou’s Coffee offer any non-coffee drinks?

Yes, in addition to their coffee offerings, Marylou’s Coffee also provides a variety of non-coffee drinks. They recognize that not everyone may prefer or be able to consume coffee, so they offer alternatives to cater to different tastes and preferences. These non-coffee drink options include teas, hot chocolate, juices, and other refreshing beverages.

Are there any options for people with dietary restrictions or preferences?

Absolutely! Marylou’s Coffee strives to accommodate various dietary needs and preferences. They offer alternatives for dairy-free or plant-based milk options such as almond, soy, or oat milk. Additionally, they may have sugar-free or reduced-sugar options for those watching their sugar intake.

Does Marylou’s Coffee offer any seasonal or limited-time drinks?

Yes, Marylou’s Coffee often introduces seasonal or limited-time drinks to their menu. They frequently create special beverages that reflect the flavors and themes of different seasons or occasions. These limited-time offerings can include seasonal flavored coffees, holiday-themed drinks, or unique concoctions inspired by current trends.

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