PJ’s Coffee Menu Prices

What’s New at PJ’s Coffee House? PJ’s Coffee Menu Prices Updates

Getting a variety of menus from your usual coffee keeps your love for the beverage replenished. However, I’d say PJ’s coffee is the ultimate choice when you want to get coffee that matches one from Starbucks. 

The coffee house has a variety of drinks you can choose to make your day superb. But, before you grab a drink, check this PJ’s coffee menu price updates to be aware of what to expect.

What is PJ’s coffee? 

PJ’s coffee is a coffee retailer that traces its roots in the Carrollton neighborhood of New Orleans. Founded in 1978, it has undergone a series of transformations and expansions. 

Where did PJ’s coffee start? The initial start of this coffee shop was a single shop. It later expanded to other locations within Greater New Orleans. However, in 1989, the coffee house got its franchised branch in Mandeville, Louisiana. This marked the beginning of expansion throughout the Southern Eastern part of the USA. 

Who owns PJ’s coffee?

Phyllis Jordan founded PJ’s coffee; thus, the name takes her initials. Upon establishment in 1978, the company was sold in 2002 to Raving Brands. The company was later sold to New Orleans Brew, LLC in 2008, which still owns it. 

How many PJ’s coffee locations are there?

Since its founding, the coffeehouse has improved and expanded to several locations within the US. As of September 2022, the store has 164 locations. Most of these locations are in Louisiana, where 99 stores are located, making it 64% of the total. 

What time does PJ’s coffee open?

Suppose you want a coffee from PJ’s; the coffee house opens from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. However, confirming the opening time with your local store is always best to avoid inconveniences. 

Does PJ’s coffee have food?

Apart from getting coffee from PJ’s, you can also enjoy amazing snacks. There are various snacks like muffins, Oat Round, Almonds and others worth tasting alongside coffee. However, food like breakfast, lunch and dinner aren’t available in PJ’s Coffee. 

Does PJ’s coffee have food

Does PJ’s serve organic coffee?

 There is an amazing feeling when you know you are drinking clean coffee without chemical residue. One of the great news is PJ’s sources coffee directly from the farmers. Although not all coffee is organic, every coffee from the coffeehouse is traceable. 

Apart from directly traded coffee, PJ’s also deals with USDA organic certified tea. Thus, any of your beverages or packed coffee and tea provides amazing benefits without harmful pesticide and herbicide residues.

Does PJ’ Have Gift Cards? 

If you want to offer your close friend or relative a coffee gift or other branded item from PJ’s it is easy since the company offers gift cards. There are different gift cards available depending on the amount you want to spend. However, the gift cards are only redeemable in PJ’s stores. 

How to buy PJ’s coffee gift card? 

Buying a gift card from PJ’s coffee is never a complicated task. The gift cards are available on their websites, where you can buy eGift cards or regular ones and have them delivered to your location. 

Apart from buying cards from PJ’s coffee locations or online, you can also buy gift cards from selected vendors. To check PJ’s gift card balance, you can always do it from their webpage

PJ’s coffee menu prices


Espresso Price 
White Chocolate Cappuccino$4.15+
White Chocolate Latte$4.25+
Café Latte$3.55+
Pralines and Cream Latte$4.45+
Mocha Cappuccino$4.15+
Skinny Vanilla Latte$4.45+
Mocha Latte$4.25+
Honey Oat Milk Latte$2.55+

Iced Espresso

Iced Espresso Price 
Honey Oat Milk Iced Latte$4.75+
Iced Mocha Latte4.25
Iced Latte$3.55+
Iced Cappuccino$3.65+
Iced Americano$2.85+
Iced White Chocolate Latte$4.25+

Hot and Drip

Drink Price 
Hot Tea$2.45+
White Hot Chocolate$3.25+
Hot Chocolate$3.25+
Caramel Crème$4.55+
Vienna Crème$4.15+
Chai Tea Latté$3.75+
Matcha Latte$3.65+
White Hot Mocha$3.50+
Hot Mocha$3.50+
Hot Coffee$2.25+
Single Tea Bag$0.99
Café Au Lait$2.95+

Iced and Cold

Iced and ColdPrice 
Peach Palmer$3.45+
Iced Chai$3.75+
Iced Lemonade$2.45+
Caramel Cold Crème$4.55+
Vienna Cold Crème$4.15+
Iced White Chocolate Mocha$3.80+
Iced Mocha$3.80+
Green Tea Mojito$3.45+
Chocolate Milk$2.45+
Iced Matcha Latte$3.65+

Frozen and Blended

Frozen and BlendedPrice 
Frozen and Blended$4.00+
Frozen Lemonade$3.95+
Frozen White-Hot Chocolate$4.25+
Frozen Hot Chocolate$4.25+
Velvet Cream$4.25+
Matcha Velvet Ice$4.35+
Chai Velvet Ice$4.45+
Protein Velvet Ice$5.25+
Mocha Velvet Ice$4.45+
Vanilla Velvet Ice$4.45+
Caramel Granita$4.45+
Mocha Granita$4.45+


Coffee Cake Cinnamon Walnut$2.65
Cake Balls$2.00
Lemon Square$2.45
Cinnamon Roll$3.95

Grab and Go 

Grab and GoPrice 
Kind Bar$3.00
Sabra Hummus and Pretzels$4.10
Regular Yogurt Parfait$4.15
Chewy Marshmallow Bar$2.35

Lunch Sandwiches

Lunch SandwichesPrice 
Club Sandwich on Ciabatta$7.99
Turkey and Swiss Sandwich$7.99
Italian Ciabatta Panini$7.99

Breakfast Sandwiches 

Breakfast SandwichesPrice 
Turkey Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich$4.99
Veggie Frittata$4.99
Sausage Egg and Cheese on Bagel$4.99
Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuit$4.99

Egg Bites

Egg BitesPrice 
Veggie and Cheese$4.50
Bacon and Cheese$4.50


Drink Price 
Horizon Milk Chocolate$2.15
Horizon Milk$2.15
Orange Juice$2.75
Cranberry Juice$2.75
Apple Juice$2.75
S. Pellegrino$2.25

Single Serve Coffee

Coffee Price 
Zulu Coconut Single Serve Cups$9.99
Hazelnut Single Serve Cups$9.99
Decaf Single Serve Cups$9.99
Southern Pecan Single Serve Cups$9.99
French Roast Single Serve Cups$9.99
Carnival Blend Single Serve Cups$9.99
King Cake Single Serve Cups$9.99

Bagged Coffee

Bagged coffee Price 
Honey Macadamia Nut$16.95
(MR) Sumatra Mandheling$16.95
(MR) Maple Street Blend$16.95
(MR) Guatemala Antigua$16.95
(MR) Ethiopian$16.95
(MR) Colombia Supremo$16.95
(MR) Carnival Blend$16.95
(MR) Anniversary Blend$16.95
King Cake$16.95
(F) Southern Pecan$16.95
(F) Praline and Cream$16.95
(F) Hazelnut$16.95
(F) French Vanilla$16.95
(F) English Toffee$16.95
(F) Bananas Foster$16.95
(DR) Windsor Court$16.95
(DR) Viennese Blend$16.95
(DR) Roast 35$16.95
(DR) Papua New Guinea$16.95
(DR) French Breakfast$16.95
(DR) Espresso Dolce$16.95
(DR) French Roast$16.95
(D) Decaf Viennese Blend$16.95
(D) Decaf Southern Pecan Bagged Coffee$16.95
(D) Decaf French Roast Bagged Coffee$16.95
(D) Decaf Colombian Bagged Coffee$16.95

Final words 

PJ’s coffee is an undeniably great place for amazing coffee, tea and snacks. Using high-grade coffee and tea ensures every cup of coffee is refreshing and healthy. With the latest PJ’s coffee menu prices, it’s time to enjoy superb refreshments without limitations.