black rifle coffee menu prices

Guide for Best Black Rifles Grab: Black Rifle Coffee Menu Prices

Tasting different coffee brands is fantastic to ensure a unique taste daily. Black Rifles coffee is one of the brands I was so eager to taste. From what I have experienced, it’s a great brand with exceptional quality. 

If you also want to enjoy classic coffee, I have the latest Black Rifle coffee menu prices for you. Besides buying a bagged coffee to brew at home, there are tasty brewed options. Let’s see what you can enjoy in this brand and whether it differs from others. 

What is black rifle coffee?

Before even getting into the coffee shop or ordering online, you might ask yourself some questions. Some of the vexing questions are like, who owns black rifle coffee? Black Rifle coffee company is involved in the coffee retailing business. Founded in 2014, it has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. 

Although it has grown over time, the company mainly concentrates on online coffee retailing. Most of its coffee is sold through online stores and other groceries. However, as of the first quarter of 2022, the company has 18 locations.  According to management, by 2023, it plans to have 78 locations. 

Where to buy black rifle coffee?

Black Rifle Coffee has great products despite some weird names. It’s the only brand you can find coffee named AK-47 espresso, Gunship coffee, and Headless horseman, among others. 

Suppose you want to buy one of this coffee; it’s easy since you can order online. Besides, the leading groceries sell Black Rifle coffee; there are over 1,700 locations where you can buy apart from the company outposts. 

Black Rifle coffee subscription services 

Since the company mainly deals with online coffee selling, most of the customers are subscribers. As of 2022, the company had over 270,000 active subscribers. 

How to subscribe to Black Rifle coffee?

To enjoy a constant supply of coffee, subscription services make it convenient. There are different subscription services that you can opt-in to on their subscription page. However, you need to register/login first before you can proceed to subscribe. 

Usually, when subscribing, you need to fill in the following in this order. 

  • Number of people 
  • Texture preference 
  • Roast type
  • Amount of coffee needed
  • Frequency of delivery
  • Your payment plans 

How to cancel black rifle coffee subscription?

When you want to opt-out of the subscription plan at Black Rifle coffee, it’s a simple process. The process is as follows; 

  • Log in to your account 
  • Click on the ‘subscription’ page, scroll to ‘subscription products, and select ‘product details.
  • If you don’t want to edit your subscription, select the ‘Cancel subscription’ button, and you are done. 

Is black rifle coffee publicly traded?

Black Rifle coffee started trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Feb 10, 2022.  The company’s ticker symbol is ‘BRCC’ and aims to raise enough capital to hire up to 10,000 veterans into their coffee business by establishing more outlets.

With projections showing a positive sign, experts forecast the company has enormous potential. Therefore, if you have been asking when is black rifle coffee is going public, it’s already running. 

Now that the company is trading on the stock market, it’s time to invest. If you are interested in becoming an investor, this is how to buy black rifle coffee stock. 

  1. Look for a good online broker
  2. Open a training brokerage account 
  3. Add money to your account 
  4. Buy BRCC shares 
  5. Monitor your investment regularly 

Black Rifle Coffee Menu Prices 


DrinkType Price 
Cold Brew Blended $2.50
Cold BrewIced $2.00
Cold brew Hot $2.00
Batch Brew$2.00


Drink Type Size Price 
MochaHot 12oz$4.00
MochaCold 12oz$4.00
LatteBlended 12oz$4.25
LatteCold 12oz$3.75
Cappuccino8oz $3.50
AmericanoBlended $4.00
AmericanoHot $3.50

Next Level 

Drink TypeSizePrice
Espresso Mule12 oz $4.75
Marzipan LatteBlended$5.25
Marzipan LatteHot 12oz$4.75
Marzipan LatteCold$4.75
Honey LatteBlended $5.25
Honey LatteHot 12oz$4.75
Honey LatteCold $4.75
Snickerdoodle LatteBlended $5.25
Snickerdoodle LatteHot 12oz$4.75
Snickerdoodle LatteCold $4.75
Raspberry White Chocolate LatteBlended $5.25
Raspberry White Chocolate LatteHot 12oz$4.75
Raspberry White Chocolate LatteCold $4.75
Maple Spice LatteBlended $5.25
Maple Spice LatteHot 12oz$4.75
Maple Spice LatteCold $4.75
Horchata LatteBlended $5.25
Horchata LatteHot 12oz$4.75
Horchata LatteCold $4.75
Caramel Apple Latte12oz$4.75
Basic Witch LatteBlended $5.25
Basic Witch LatteHot 12oz$4.75
Basic Witch LatteCold $4.75

Not Coffee 

Beverage Type Size Price 
Matcha Tea LatteBlended $4.50
Matcha Tea LatteHot 12oz$4.00
Matcha Tea LatteCold $4.00
Hot Chocolate12oz$3.00
Chai Tea LatteBlended $3.50
Chai Tea LatteHot 12oz$3.00
Chai Tea LatteCold $3.00
Jolly Rancher Frappe12oz$4.25
Coconut Matcha LatteBlended $4.50
Coconut Matcha LatteHot 12oz$4.00
Coconut Matcha LatteCold $4.00

Bagged coffee 

Coffee Price 
CAF Coffee Roast – Ground$14.99
Mission Fuel Kit – Rounds (K-cups)$47.99
CAF – Rounds (Keurig compatible)$13.99
Thin Blue Line – Whole Bean$13.99
Thin Blue Line – Ground$13.99
Thin Blue Line – Rounds (K-cup)$13.99
AK-47 Espresso Blend – Whole Bean$14.99
AK-47 Espresso Blend – Ground$14.99
AK-47 Espresso Blend – Rounds (Keurig compatible)$12.99
Silencer Smooth – Whole Bean$13.99
Silencer Smooth – Ground$13.99
Silencer Smooth – Rounds (Keurig compatible)$13.99
Just Black – Whole Bean$12.99
Just Black – Ground$12.99
Just Black – Rounds (Keurig compatible)$12.99
Beyond Black – Whole Bean$13.99
Beyond Black – Ground$13.99
Beyond Black – Rounds (K-cup)$13.99
Hazlenut Flavored Coffee Rounds (K-cup)$13.99
Just Decaf – Whole Bean$12.99
Just Decaf – Ground$12.99
Just Decaf – Rounds (K-cup)$12.99
Blackbeard’s Delight – Whole Bean$14.99
Blackbeard’s Delight – Ground$14.99
Murdered Out – Whole Bean$15.99
Murdered Out – Ground$15.99
Three Round Burst – Rounds (Keurig compatible)$3.99
Combat Cocoa Canister$12.00

Final words 

If you want to explore a range of brews and packed coffee, BRC is the ultimate choice. The company offers great deals since you can enjoy coffee and invest in their stocks. The black rifle coffee menu prices summarize what you are about to get when you engage the coffee company. It would be best if you get your coffee today.