The Surest Coffee Roast for A Perfect Cold Brew: Fabula Cold Brew Dark Coffee Review

Cold brewing coffee is one of the best ways to enjoy smooth and sweet coffee without bitterness. However, which is the best coffee to make this happen? 

If your guess is a dark roast, then you are right. Dark roast is perfect for cold brewing and results in great coffee. Fabula has specific dark roasted coffee that its purpose is to cold brew. 

If not familiar with this coffee, get these fantastic qualities in this Fabula cold brew dark coffee review. It is precise and offers everything you need to know.

Fabula cold brew dark coffee review


  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Excellent dark roast flavors
  • Vegan friendly
  • Low acid content

  • Highly-priced
  • Only one grind is available

Fabula dark roast for cold brew is crafted with one purpose, making great cold brew. That is why it has excellent qualities that ensure the drink comes out superb. 

The coffee follows strict processing to ensure the safety of drinkers. Tested for mold and other mycotoxins, it’s also GMO-free. Consequently, coffee is one of the unique and special options available on the market. 


Fabula has a single source for its coffee. For a dark roast, the coffee comes from Mexico. The coffee-growing regions are on the southern side, close to the Amazon jungle. 

Besides the cool climate, the region is also mountainous, which supports natural coffee production. No fertilizers or insecticides, thus, making the coffee fully organic


Dark roast is fully roasted to bring out the authentic aromas of dark coffee. Therefore, you can expect the Fabula dark roast to have fantastic scents. 

Usually, the coffee delivers an inviting roasty aroma with notes of caramelized sugar and nuts. This means the beans are excellent and inviting. 


Besides the aroma, the flavor is also delightful. It gives the coffee a feeling of baking spices, baked sweet pastries, and nut butter. Its graceful flavor provides every drinker with a moment to enjoy every sip.


fabula dark roast coffee packageOn the packaging, Fabula never goes wrong. All coffee enjoys professional packaging to protect the coffee quality. 

The cold brew dark coffee has heavy-duty packets. Once you open it, there is easy resealing due to the Ziploc, which keeps the coffee airtight. 

Interestingly, the plastic bags are sleek and recyclable. 


Fabula cold brew dark coffee is priced like other coffee at the company. The pricing depends on whether you are a subscriber or a one-time buyer.

For one-time buying, the discount is usually small, 10%-15%. However, subscribers get 25% to 35% percent and free shipping. Besides, there are occasional offers where you can get up to 50% price off. 

Don’t buy Fabula cold brew dark coffee IF

If you don’t have enough time to prepare 

Cold brewing is simple despite taking a lot of time. If you are always on a tight schedule, you better buy another coffee like Fabula k-cup pods. To get cold brew coffee it takes not less than 12 hours. 

You love whole coffee bean

Fabula sells ground and whole beans. However, in the case of this coffee, it is only available in ground form currently. This, you can only get a cold brew in a grounded form. 


Cold brew coffee is undisputed when it comes to cold brewing. It has a rich flavor and aroma that diffuses to create an excellent beverage. Due to ample time, the coffee is always sweet and unique. 

While you can rely on this Fabula cold brew dark coffee review, the best thing is to try. 


Is dark roast good for cold brew?

Dark roast coffee is great for cold brewing. It is the most widely used type of coffee for preparing cold brews. 

Does Cold brew dark roast have more caffeine?

Usually, coffee, whether light, medium, or dark, has almost the same caffeine content. However, extracting coffee using cold brewing tends to have more caffeine than hot methods. The reason is, in cold brew, people tend to use higher amounts of coffee. However, using the same amount, hot brewing yields more caffeine.   

Is cold brewed coffee healthier?

When it comes to health, cold brew offers more benefits than others. Since there is no hot water, it has more antioxidants and other nutrients. They are not damaged by heat, and coffee gets ample time to steep. 

dark roast coffee

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