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Is Rook Coffee the Home to Spatiality Coffee? Rook Coffee Menu Prices

While you browse your phone in search of the nearest coffee shop, a plethora of brands come into view. Amidst my exploration, I stumbled upon a quintessential name in the realm of coffee roasting and brewing – Rook Coffee. Undeniably, Rook Coffee stands as a paragon of expertise in the art of roasting and brewing coffee to sheer perfection.

In stark contrast to other coffee shops that offer an array of menus, Rook Coffee exclusively dedicates itself to the world of coffee. This specialization in the realms of roasting and brewing serves to meticulously preserve the rich flavors of their coffee. Having personally savored beverages from this establishment, I am delighted to present the latest insights into Rook Coffee’s menu prices.

What is Rook Coffee? A Brief History

Rook Coffee stands as an innovative coffee enterprise, dedicated to the craft of roasting and brewing coffee. Formed in 2010 by childhood companions Holly and Shawn, the company remains committed to delighting enthusiasts of specialty coffee.

Fueled by a fervent passion, the founders transitioned from their prior careers to focus wholeheartedly on the coffee trade. The company’s stated mission revolves around offering simplicity, quality, and an immersive experience.

Given its specialization in both brewing and roasting, Rook Coffee guarantees a consistently delightful coffee experience.

Rook Coffee’s inception took place in New Jersey, with its headquarters located in Long Branch, NJ, just a short distance from the inaugural establishment. Over time, the company has extended its reach to encompass multiple locations along the New Jersey coastline.

Presently, the company boasts 11 stores, and its growing coffee popularity indicates the likelihood of further expansion in the future.

What kind of coffee is available in Rook Coffee? 

As we’ve observed, Rook Coffee’s focus lies primarily in coffee, and not just any coffee, but rather single-origin varieties. Despite originating from diverse regions, the coffee isn’t entirely organic. Regarding Kosher certification, Rook Coffee does not possess such certification, as per the company’s statement. Nonetheless, they rely on natural ingredients to infuse their brewed coffee with flavor.

In addition to their naturally flavored coffee brews, the coffee beans themselves remain unadulterated, free from additives.

Rook coffee

Rook Coffee menu prices


Costa Rica(Dark Chocolate. Cherry. Honey)12 oz $13.80
Costa Rica(Dark Chocolate. Cherry. Honey)15 lbs.$82.80
Ethiopia(Lemon tart. Graham cracker. Floral)12 oz$13.80
Ethiopia(Lemon tart. Graham cracker. Floral)15 lbs.$82.80
Guatemala(Brown Sugar. Apple. Almond)12 oz$13.80
Guatemala(Brown Sugar. Apple. Almond)15 lbs.$82.80
Nicaragua(Cocoa. Caramel. Hint of Lemon)12 oz$13.80
Nicaragua(Cocoa. Caramel. Hint of Lemon)15 lbs. $82.80
Decaf(Chocolate Covered Raisins. Lemon Zest)12 oz$13.80
Decaf(Chocolate Covered Raisins. Lemon Zest)15 lbs.$82.80
Bali(Dark chocolate. Vanilla. Ripe Cherry)12 oz $13.80
Bali(Dark chocolate. Vanilla. Ripe Cherry)15 lbs.$82.80

Cold Brew 

Cold Brew Size Price 
Mocha Style Cold Brew2 Pack $32.00
Mocha Style Cold Brew4 Pack $62.00
New Orleans Style Cold Brew2 pack $33.00
New Orleans Style Cold Brew4 Pack $64.00
Traditional Style Cold Brew2 Pack$31.00
Traditional Style Cold Brew4 Pack $60.00

Snack (Available only in some locations) 

Snacks Price 
Oat Currant scone $2.50
Cranberry scone $2.50
Apple Danish $3.00
Blueberry Danish $3.00

How to Place an Order for Rook Coffee?

Ordering your desired coffee from Rook Coffee is always hassle-free. You have the option to visit their coffee bars in person to make your beverage or bagged coffee selection.

On the other hand, the easiest method is to place a Rook coffee order online, where you simply log in and make your selection.

When you opt for online ordering, you can either choose to pick up your coffee at the nearest Rook coffee bar or have it conveniently shipped to your location.

Operation Hours

DaysOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday06:00 AM05:00 PM
Tuesday06:00 AM05:00 PM
Wednesday06:00 AM05:00 PM
Thursday06:00 AM05:00 PM
Friday06:00 AM05:00 PM
Saturday06:00 AM05:00 PM
Sunday06:00 AM05:00 PM

Contact Information

HQ Address: 2 3rd Ave, Long Branch, NJ 07740

Phone Number: (732) 490-5845

Contact Form:

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Final Words 

Rook Coffee stands as the ultimate coffee haven, offering a delightful array of meticulously prepared coffee. Whether your preference lies in steaming hot brews, refreshing iced concoctions, or convenient bagged options, it remains the epitome of exceptional coffee. The Rook Coffee menu is not only concise but also remarkable in its offerings.


Does Rook Coffee have an app? 

Indeed, the company provides an app for both Android and Apple smartphone users. Simply visit the respective app stores, download the app, and you’ll have the capability to conveniently order and personalize your coffee online.

Does rook coffee serve espresso?

Yes, Rook Coffee does serve espresso. In addition to espresso, they also offer a variety of other coffee drinks, including drip coffee, cold brew, lattes, and cappuccinos. They have a selection of different espresso blends and roast profiles to cater to different tastes and preference.

Does Rook coffee sell food?

While certain locations provide baked goods or snacks to complement their coffee, their primary emphasis remains on coffee beverages.

How many calories in rook coffee?

A standard-sized cup of regular unsweetened coffee from Rook Coffee contains fewer than 5 calories.

How much caffeine in rook coffee? 

The caffeine content in a 12 oz cup of coffee offered by Rook Coffee is approximately 200 mg, whether it’s a cold or hot brewed beverage.

Is rook coffee gluten-free?

Rook Coffee brewed and bagged coffee is gluten-free. The only product that isn’t gluten-free is S-more. 

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