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Is Rook Coffee the Home to Spatiality Coffee? Rook Coffee Menu Prices

As you scroll your phone looking for the nearest coffee shop, you have a variety of brands available. In my search, I came across one of the ultimate coffee roasting and brewing brands. Rook Coffee is undoubtedly one of the experts who roast and brew coffee to perfection. 

Unlike other coffee shops that offer a variety of menus, Rook Coffee only deals with coffee. Specializing in roasting and brewing coffee maintains its coffee flavors. I’ve had a chance to enjoy drinks from this café, and I’m glad to share the latest rook coffee menu prices. 

What is Rook Coffee? 

Rook Coffee is a visionary coffee company that deals with roasting and brewing coffee. Founded in 2010 by Holly and Shawn, childhood friends, it has continued to serve people who love specialty coffee. 

Fueled by passion, the company saw the founders leave their careers to concentrate on the coffee business. According to the company, it has the mission to provide simplicity, quality, and experience. 

Since the coffee brand specializes in brewing and roasting, you can always enjoy the best-tasting coffee. 

Where was Rook Coffee founded? 

The founding of Rook Coffee was in New Jersey. Its headquarters are located in Long Branch, NJ, a stone throw from the first location. However, since its establishment, it has expanded to other areas along the New Jersey coast. 

Wondering how many Rooks Coffee locations are available? The company has 11 stores as of 2022. With the popularity of its coffee going up everyday, the brand is expected to expand further. 

What kind of coffee is available in Rook Coffee? 

As we’ve seen, Rook coffee deals mostly with coffee. However, not just any coffee. It usually deals with single-origin coffee. However, the coffee isn’t fully organic since the coffee comes from different regions. If not organic, is Rook coffee kosher certified? According to the company, the coffee isn’t Kosher certified. However, they use natural ingredients to flavor their brewed coffee. 

Besides the natural flavoring in their coffee brews, coffee beans are natural without additives

When does Rook Coffee Open? 

If you want to buy coffee from Rook coffee locations, they are open for a specific time. All locations are open from 06:00 AM to 05:00 PM from Monday to Sunday. 

The opening time, however, might be different depending on the store. Apart from the daily operation, what are rook coffee holiday hours? Is rook coffee open for Thanksgiving? The coffee bars remain open on holidays, but operating hours can differ with location. Thus, checking the availability of your locations is always recommended.

How to order a Rook coffee?

Ordering your coffee at Rook Coffee is never stressful. You can always hop into their coffee bars to request your beverage or bagged coffee. Alternatively, rook coffee online order is the simplest since you only need to log in and place your order. 

When you order online, pick up is in your coffee at the nearest Rook coffee bar or get it shipped. 

What can you order at rook coffee?

Rook coffee

Does Rook coffee sell food? As I’ve mentioned, the coffee roaster deals exclusively with coffee and brewing. The company doesn’t sell food apart from snacks. Therefore, as you sip your hot or iced coffee, you can opt for a few baked snacks available. 

Apart from regular coffee, does rook coffee serve espresso? You can get all coffee, such as espresso, drip, French press, percolator, and others, online or at the coffee bars. 

Does Rook Coffee have an app? 

With smartphones becoming everything, your question might be whether Rook Coffee has an app. The great news is that the company has an app for Android and Apple phone users. You just need to visit app stores and download your app. With an app, it’s possible to order and customize your coffee online.

Rook Coffee menu prices


Costa Rica(Dark Chocolate. Cherry. Honey)12 oz $13.80
Costa Rica(Dark Chocolate. Cherry. Honey)15 lbs.$82.80
Ethiopia(Lemon tart. Graham cracker. Floral)12 oz$13.80
Ethiopia(Lemon tart. Graham cracker. Floral)15 lbs.$82.80
Guatemala(Brown Sugar. Apple. Almond)12 oz$13.80
Guatemala(Brown Sugar. Apple. Almond)15 lbs.$82.80
Nicaragua(Cocoa. Caramel. Hint of Lemon)12 oz$13.80
Nicaragua(Cocoa. Caramel. Hint of Lemon)15 lbs. $82.80
Decaf(Chocolate Covered Raisins. Lemon Zest)12 oz$13.80
Decaf(Chocolate Covered Raisins. Lemon Zest)15 lbs.$82.80
Bali(Dark chocolate. Vanilla. Ripe Cherry)12 oz $13.80
Bali(Dark chocolate. Vanilla. Ripe Cherry)15 lbs.$82.80

Cold Brew 

Cold Brew Size Price 
Mocha Style Cold Brew2 Pack $32.00
Mocha Style Cold Brew4 Pack $62.00
New Orleans Style Cold Brew2 pack $33.00
New Orleans Style Cold Brew4 Pack $64.00
Traditional Style Cold Brew2 Pack$31.00
Traditional Style Cold Brew4 Pack $60.00

Snack (Available only in some locations) 

Snacks Price 
Oat Currant scone $2.50
Cranberry scone $2.50
Apple Danish $3.00
Blueberry Danish $3.00

Final Words 

Rook coffee is the ultimate coffee house where you can enjoy expertly crafted coffee. Whether you like sizzling hot, iced, or bagged, it’s the home of amazing coffee. With the Rook Coffee menu price summary, it’s small yet amazing. 


How many calories in rook coffee?

Regular unsweetened coffee at Rook Coffee has less than 5 calories for a standard-sized cup.

How much caffeine in rook coffee? 

The caffeine content for a 12 oz cup of coffee from Rook Coffee is about 200 mg for cold and hot brewed beverages. 

Is rook coffee gluten-free?

Rook Coffee brewed and bagged coffee is gluten-free. The only product that isn’t gluten-free is S-more. 

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