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Are you ready to drink delicious hand-crafted coffee? Ready coffee menu prices

A cup of freshly roasted coffee is breathtaking and irresistible. But finding a coffee shop that offers fresh coffee direct from the roastery can take you a hassle. One of the places where there is an assurance of great coffee is Ready coffee co. It’s among the best cafes where I enjoy hand-crafted coffee.

One of the amazing things about ready coffee is the premium quality coffee. Besides, the services at the coffee shop are amazing. The friendly staff and quick services mean there are no lines. If you want to enjoy tasty coffee, checking ready coffee menu prices is all you need before getting into the café. 

What is Ready Coffee? 

Ready coffee Co is a small coffee roaster and brewer based East Coast, United States. The coffee company is known for serving freshly roasted coffee. Also, the coffee company boasts small batch roasting, which makes its brew some of the best tastings you can experience. 

When was Ready coffee founded? 

Ready Coffee was founded in 2017 in Wappingers Falls, New York, United States. The company’s main mission is to provide fresh coffee roasted in the facility, fast services in a friendly environment and guaranteed quality. 

Founded by coffee enthusiasts couple Emily Jordan and Jesse Barr, they were optimistic about ensuring the community enjoys clean and expertly prepared coffee. Still headquartered in New York, the coffee shop is expanding to other locations along the United States East Coast. 

Where is Ready Coffee Co? 

Since opening the first branch, the coffee company has expanded to the other two areas. Currently, 3 locations are located within the New York area. The latest opened in 2022, September 9, in LaGrange

Does Ready Coffee serve food? 

Apart from the fresh coffee, it is also possible to enjoy yummy snacks at Ready Coffee. Most of the available and popular baked snacks include donuts and bagels. Besides the snacks, the amazing smoothies are on point and keep everyone delighted. 

Is Ready Coffee organic? 

Ready coffee isn’t organic. However, the coffee shop ensures that coffee beans are from reputable farmers that follow sustainable coffee production practices. The coffee is produced as per the Fairtrade production guidelines. 

Ready Coffee Menu Prices

Ready coffee

Coffee (Hot/Iced)

DrinkSize Price 
Latte Small $3.50
LatteMedium $4.00
LatteLarge $4.75
Cappuccino Small$3.50
CappuccinoMedium $4.00
CappuccinoLarge $4.75
Mocha Small$3.50
Mocha Medium $4.00
Mocha Large $4.75
Mac Daddy Small$3.50
Mac Daddy Medium $4.00
Mac Daddy Large $4.75
Storm King Small $3.50
Storm KingMedium $4.00
Storm KingLarge $4.75
Caramel Blondie Small$3.50
Caramel BlondieMedium $4.00
Caramel BlondieLarge $4.75
Good KarmaSmall $3.50
Good KarmaMedium $4.00
Good KarmaLarge $4.75
Trail Mix Small$3.50
Trail MixMedium $4.00
Trail MixLarge $4.75
Hit + Run Small$3.50
Hit + RunMedium $4.00
Hit + RunLarge $4.75
Iced Cold Brew Small $2.75
Iced Cold Brew Medium $3.75
Iced Cold Brew Large $4.00
Americano Small$2.00
Americano Medium $2.50
Americano Large $3.00
Frozen coffee Small $3.47
Frozen coffeeMedium $4.50
Frozen coffeeLarge $5.75


Drink Size Price 
Green/Black Tea Small$2.50
Green/Black Tea Medium $3.00
Green/Black Tea Large $3.50
Peach Green Tea Small $2.50
Peach Green TeaMedium $3.00
Peach Green TeaLarge $3.50
Brain Power Small $2.50
Brain Power Medium $3.00
Brain Power Large $3.50
Joy Ride Small $2.50
Joy Ride Medium $3.00
Joy Ride Large $3.50
Down Dog Small $2.50
Down Dog Medium $3.00
Down DogLarge $3.50
Tea Latte Small$2.50
Tea Latte Medium $3.00
Tea Latte Large $3.50

Energy Drinks (Iced) 

Drink Size Price 
Blackout Small $3.75
Blackout Medium $4.75
Blackout Large $6.00
Game-onMedium $4.75
Game-onLarge $6.00
Burst Small $3.75
BurstLarge $6.00
Tilt Small $3.75
TiltLarge $6.00

Shake and Smoothies 

Item Size Price 
Ready shakes (Chocolate, vanilla, Salted Caramel, Blackberry, Mint Chocolate, + More) Small $3.00
Ready shakes Medium $4.00
Ready shakes Large $5.00
Ready Smoothies(Strawberries, Peach, Green Apple, Blueberries, Mango, Pom, + More) Small$3.00
Ready Smoothies Medium $4.00
Ready Smoothies Large $5.00


Drink Price 
Mini Milk Shake $2.50
Mini Smoothie $2.50
Hot-ish Chocolate $2.00
Steamer $2.00
Silly Soda $2.50


Food Price 
Eggs’ Presso Bagel Sandwich$0.50
Brainy Oatmeal$3.75
Eggs’ Presso Bagel Sandwich$1.00

How to buy coffee from Ready coffee?

One thing about Ready coffee is it doesn’t offer deliveries. The only available option to order coffee or snack is directly ordering at the café. 

Reay Coffee contact information 

Postal address: 1810 South Rd. (Rt. 9) Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

Operating hours: Mon-Sun 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Telephone: (917) 892-4895. 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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Important Links 

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Final Words 

Ready Coffee co is the right place for fresh and delicious coffee. Dedicated to small batches of coffee roasting, the quality is at its best. Furthermore, the Ready Coffee menu prices guide is a bit smaller, which allows you to explore most of the beverages available. 


Does Ready Coffee have a secret menu? 

Yes, the coffee shop allows customers to customize their drinks. You can make a sugar, or dairy-free drink or choose the number of shots to add to a drink. 

Where does Ready coffee get its coffee? 

The company sources its coffee from El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil and other Central and South American countries. 

Does Ready coffee have a loyalty program?

Yes, the cafe has a loyalty program where customers get one drink free once they buy 10 drinks of any size. 

Is ready coffee a franchise? 

No, the brand is not a franchise. It’s a privately-owned business by Emily Jordan and Jesse Barr.  

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