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The Unique Creamy Oak Roasted Coffee: Summer Moon Coffee Menu Prices Guide

Where do you go to enjoy coffee when bored to brew at home? Probably the first option is one of the major coffee shops. However, I have good news to share with you. Summer Moon Coffee is one of the coffee shops that craft unique beans and brews that are unmatched. 

While you can enjoy a variety of choices at the coffee shop, let me share the latest Summer Moon Coffee menu prices. With everything to get from the café listed, choosing according to your budget and preference is simple. Whether it’s a latte, cortado, herbal tea, and bagged coffee, let’s see what the company has for you. 

What is Summer Moon Coffee? 

Summer Moon Coffee is a coffee shop based in Austin, Texas. It’s a unique coffee shop that deals with oak fire roasting of coffee as well as brewing tasty coffee. 

Founded in 2002, it started as a family coffee bar prior to turning into a roaster. Roasting coffee over the flame creates great and smooth coffee that keeps the customers elated and returning. 

Since the coffee shop has the beans bagged or brewed, it’s a perfect place for all coffee lovers. According to the company, it deals with organic coffee, which is fairly traded.

Who owns summer moon coffee?

As I mentioned, the coffee shop started as a family business. However, regarding the ownership, it is owned by Greg Richardson, according to his profile on LinkedIn. Besides being the owner, he also serves as the general manager. 

How many Summer moon coffee locations are there? 

Since its establishment in 2002, Summer moon has expanded from a single shop to multiple locations. As of 2022, the coffee shop operates 36 stores in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. 

Apart from the company-operated stores, it also allows for limited franchising, according to their website.

Summer moon coffee operations

When it comes to operations, the most common question among new customers is what time does summer moon open? Also, what time does summer moon close is common since most people love to grab a coffee as they head home. 

On a normal day, the summer moon opens at 06:00 AM from Monday to Friday and closes at 08:00 PM. The coffee shop opens on Saturdays and Sundays from 07:00 AM to 08:00 PM. 

The operating times differ from one location to the other. Thus, I always check the operating times for summer moon coffee near me. 

summer moon coffee

Summer Moon Coffee Menu Prices

Hot Drinks 

Hot DrinksPrice 
Mocha Moon Latte$4.90+
Mocha Latte$4.40+
Matcha Moon Latte$5.50+
Matcha Latte$5.50+
Keto Bravo$5.50+
Hot Tea$2.50+
Hot Chocolate$3.50+
Cinnamon Latte$4.90+
Chai Latte$4.15+
Chai Latte$4.15+
Blue Moon Latte$4.90+
3/4 Summer Moon Latte$4.65+
1/8 Summer Moon Latte (Whisper Moon)$4.65+
1/2 Summer Moon Latte$4.65+
1/4 Summer Moon Latte$4.65+
Summer Moon Latte$4.65+
Oak Roasted Drip Coffee (Velvet Blaze)$2.70+
Cinnamoon Latte$4.90+

Featured Drinks

Featured DrinksPrice 
Strawberry Nitro Moon$4.95+
Iced Mint Matcha Moon$6.45+
Mint Matcha Moon$5.95+
Iced Golden Moon$5.95+
Golden Moon$5.95+

Iced Drinks

Iced Drinks Price 
Iced Mocha Moon Latte$5.40+
Iced Mocha Latte$4.90+
Iced Matcha Moon Latte$6.00+
Iced Matcha Latte$5.50+
Iced Green Tea$3.25+
Iced Global$5.40+
Iced Cinnamoon Latte$5.40+
Iced Chai Latte$4.65+
Iced Cafe Latte$4.65+
Iced Blue Moon Latte$5.40+
Iced Americano$3.65+
Deep-Steep Cold Brew$3.65+
3/4 Winter Moon Latte (Iced)$5.15+
1/8 Winter Moon Latte (Whisper Moon – Iced)$5.15+
1/4 Winter Moon Latte (Iced)$5.15+
1/2 Winter Moon Latte (Iced)$5.15+
Winter Moon (Iced)$5.15+
Iced Cinnamon Latte$5.40+
Iced Hibiscus Tea$3.25+

Nitro Cold Brew and Steamers

Nitro Cold Brew and SteamersPrice 
Nitro White Steamer$4.25+
Nitro White$3.95+
Nitro Sweet Steamer$4.70+
Nitro Sweet$4.20+
Nitro Moon Steamer$4.95+
Nitro Moon$4.45+
Black Nitro Steamer$4.45+
Black Nitro$3.95+

Shaken Drinks

Shaken DrinksPrice 
Moon Raker$4.65+
Sean Connery$4.15+

Blended Drinks 

Blended DrinksPrice 
Moon Glacier$5.00+
Moon Drop$5.50+
Frozen Hot Chocolate$5.00+
Frozen Chai$5.00+
Espresso Milkshake$5.20+

Moon Milk To Go 

Moon Milk To GoPrice 
Moon Milk Oat$6.00
Moon Milk Coconut$6.00
Moon Milk Almond$6.00
Moon Milk$6.00

Coffee Beans and Pods 

Coffee Beans and PodsPrice 
Anniversary Blend$18.95
5lb Velvet Blaze (Medium Roast)$89.95
Swinging Lantern (Tri-Roast Blend)$14.95
Sweet Hearth (Medium Roast)$14.95
Spark (Medium Roast)$14.95
Inferno (Dark Roast)$14.95
Glowing Ember (Medium Roast)$14.95
Flying Cinder (Medium Roast)$14.95
Flickering (Medium Roast)$14.95
Fireside (Medium Roast)$14.95
Fire Light (Medium Roast)$14.95
En Fuego (Medium Roast)$14.95
Blue Blazes (Medium Roast)$16.95
Billowing (Medium Roast)$14.95
Afterglow (Light Roast)$14.95
Coffee Pod 12-Pack$14.95
Velvet Blaze (Medium Roast)$14.95

Final Words

As you consider getting special-tasting coffee for refreshment, oak roasted coffee is worth it. Summer Moon Coffee offers amazing coffee that is irresistible. Further, the Summer moon coffee menu prices guide enables you to select your favorite coffee and plan for the order. 


What are the summer moon coffee calories? 

The number of calories in Summer Moon coffee differs depending on the ingredients. Espresso has the least calories while summer moon has the most calories, with 20oz offering 834 calories. 

What is the best summer moon coffee? 

Summer Moon beverages are super delicious. However, one of the best coffee is The Velvet Blaze. 

What is moon milk at summer moon? 

Moon milk is a signature drink at Summer Moon that features 7 secret ingredients. You can opt for dairy or nondairy moon milk options. 

What is in summer moon milk?

It’s a mixture of caramel, vanilla, and sweet cream. The moon milk is also called moon syrup and is used as a sweetener. 

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