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Passionately Roasted, Brewed, And Served Coffee; Cape Cod Coffee Menu Prices

As you continue searching the haven, there is a perfect spot for people passing or living in Mashpee, Massachusetts. Cape Cod coffee is the ideal café where coffee is brewed with passion by experienced baristas. 

The good thing about the café is you can enjoy freshly roasted and brewed coffee and roasted and bagged coffee. To see what you can get at the café, I’ve shared the latest Cape Cod coffee menu prices to assist you in planning your choice before getting into the café. Prepare, we sail into the menu and explore what it contains for coffee lovers. 

What Is Cape Cod Coffee? 

Cape Cod coffee is a café known more for its unbeatable coffee founded in Mashpee, Massachusetts, by Pam and Jan Aggerbeck in 1970. Being a family business, the café has maintained a strong quality and great customer service culture. 

Since its establishment, the café is still owned by Pam and Jan Aggerbeck. It has also expanded its menu to offer a variety of coffee beverages, non-coffee, and food. Even more, the café provides coffee to other surrounding coffee shops. 

Why Is Cape Cod Coffee So Good? 

If you drink or buy bagged coffee from this café, the experience is breathtaking. The coffee is superb, and people keep asking why Cape Cod coffee is so good. The simple answer is that the café gets its coffee from 20 countries. Also, roasting small batches means every coffee is fresh. 

Besides roasting, the café blends its coffee to create amazing flavors. But is Cape Cod Coffee organic? The coffee used is organic and conventional. However, the good thing is all coffee is produced in line with Rainforest Alliance guidelines.

How Many Cape Cod Coffee Stores Are There? 

Cape Cod Coffee Stores locations

Since its founding 50 years ago, the café has expanded from a single location to 4, including a roastery as of 2023. The headquarters are still in Mashpee, Mississippi, United States. 

Cape Cod Coffee Menu Prices


Item Price 
The Local$8.00
Day Tripper$11.00
Popponesset Protein Punch$12.00
Beach Bum Breakfast Wrap$16.00
The Traditional Plate$13.00
Steak & Eggs$18.00
Avocado Toast$9.00
Pancake Short Stack$7.00
Wicked Good French Toast$11.00
French Toast Short Stack$7.00
The Race Point Omelet$16.00
The Long Point Omelet$15.00
BYO Egg White Omelet$12.00
The Fresh Start$11.00
Egg White Long Point$17.00
Egg White Race Point$18.00
Steel Cut Oatmeal$8.00
Egg White Scramble$14.00

Breakfast Sides

Item Price 
Chicken Sausage$5.00
Breakfast Sausage$5.00
English Bacon$5.00
Home Fries$5.00
Home Fries$3.00
Pico de Gallo$3.00
English Muffin$3.00
Portuguese Muffin$4.00
Egg Whites$4.50
Peanut Butter$1.00
Cream Cheese$1.00
Real Maple Syrup$3.00
Whole Banana$2.00
Single French Toast$4.00
Tomato Slices$1.50
Grilled Tomatoes$1.50
Sweet Potato Hash (Side)$6.00


Item Price 
Avocado Chicken Salad$16.00
Pacific Caesar Salad$12.00
Coronado Cobb Salad$16.00
Monterey Quesadilla$11.00
SoCal Grilled Cheese$14.00
Not Your Average BLT$16.00
SUP Burger$17.00
Sun-Kissed Chicken Wrap$16.00
Chicken Bacon BBQ$16.00
Chipotle Lime Turkey Burger$16.00
Surfside Veggie Burger$15.00
Portabello Pita Pocket$14.00

Lunch Sides

Item Price 
Chicken Sausage$5.00
English Bacon$5.00
Breakfast Sausage$5.00
Pico de Gallo$3.00
Side Salad$5.00
Cape Cod Potato Chips$2.50
French Fries$5.00
Hearty Slaw$5.00

Kids Menu

Item Price 
Kids Grilled Cheese$11.00
Chicken Tenders$11.00
Kids Burger$11.00
Kids French Toast$5.00

Hot Drinks 

Item Size Price 
EspressoSingle $2.01
EspressoTriple $4.49
Chai Latte12oz$3.97
Chai Latte16oz$4.49
Chai Latte20oz$5.00
Hot Chocolate12oz$3.74
Hot Chocolate16oz$4.78
Hot Chocolate20oz$5.23
Hot Tea$2.99
Hot Water$1.00
Morning Glory$14.90
Morning Glory Plus$17.69

Cold Drinks 

Item SizePrice 
Cold Brew16oz$3.97
Cold Brew24oz$5.00
Iced Latte16oz$4.75
Iced Latte24oz$5.99
Iced Macchiato16oz$4.75
Iced Macchiato24oz$5.99
Unsweetened Iced Tea16oz$3.00
Unsweetened Iced Tea24oz$3.75
Sweetened Iced Tea16oz$3.00
Sweetened Iced Tea24oz$4.00
Iced Chai Latte16oz$3.00
Iced Chai Latte24oz$4.00
Iced Americano16oz$6.49
Iced Americano24oz$5.00
Cold Brew Cans$5.00
Scandi Cold Brew6pcs $25

How to order from Cape Cod Coffee?

Cape Cod provides Dine-in, Kerbside pickups, and delivery services. Thus, ordering is simple, depending on what you prefer. The ability to order in advance online makes ordering even more convenient. To make your order, this is how to go about it. 

1. Log into the Cape Cod Coffee official website and click on ‘Order Food.’

How to order from Cape Cod Coffee step1

2. A new page will open with the Cape Cod Coffee locations. Choose your locations and click on ‘Order.’ On the dropdown menu with time, choose your pickup or delivery time. 

How to order from Cape Cod Coffee step2

3. On the displayed menu, choose your item to order and click on it to customize. Once done, click ‘Add to Menu.’ 

How to order from Cape Cod Coffee step3

Cape Cod Coffee Contact information and Operating Time 

Postal address: 10 Evergreen Circle, MA-130, Mashpee, MA 02649, United States

Operating Hours: Mon 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Tue -Wed 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM, Thu-Sat 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM, Sun 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Telephone: 5084772400 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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Final Words 

The roasting, the brewing of beans and baking amazing food are why every customer should visit this café. The kind of services and Cape Cod Coffee menu prices are even more encouraging. Everything is fascinating and leaves the body and soul satisfied. 


Is Cape Cod coffee dog friendly? 

Yes, the café is spacious, allowing people with pets to visit.

Is there free Wi-Fi at Cape Cod cafes? 

Yes, all the cafes offer free Wi-Fi for customers to surf as they enjoy the treats.

Does Cape Cod have gift cards?

Yes, there are gift cards available at the coffee shops. The gift cards are available online and in cafes. They are usable for merchandise, coffee, or food purchase.

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