Does CC’s Offer Organic Coffee? Learn Through CC's Coffee Menu Price Guide 2 cc's coffee menu

Does CC’s Offer Organic Coffee? Learn Through CC’s Coffee Menu Price Guide

Good coffee is never enough once you get used to it. CC’s coffee knows that everyone is looking for quality coffee, and that is what they provide. The café is known for delicious drinks ranging from coffee to non-coffee and pastries. 

Once you want to brew coffee at home, CC’s offers fresh roasted bagged coffee. Providing pure organic coffee is the place everyone enjoys spending time and money. Do you want to visit this coffee shop? Here is the latest CC’s coffee menu prices guide to ease your planning before getting there. 

What is CC’s coffee? 

CC’s coffee is an American coffee house that deals with brewed and bagged coffee. Also, it’s a great place to relax in a soothing atmosphere as they drink beverages and enjoy pastries. 

Since its establishment…wait a bit; when and where was the first cc’s coffee house opened? CC’s coffee was established in 1996 in the heart of New Orleans. Being part of Community coffee, the coffee house was spun-off in 2013 as part of the company to expand to other states.

If you have been wondering, is cc’s coffee community coffee? Well, it’s part of the company but operates as a separate company. However, the coffee house is part of the Saurage family. 

How many cc’s coffee house?

The good thing is there are multiple CC’s coffee locations where you can get your coffee. Before we even know the number of stores available, where was the first cc’s coffee house opened? The first store opened in the city of New Orleans

Since its first establishment, the coffee house has expanded to several locations. Currently, there are over 30 locations as of 2022. 

What’s good at cc’s coffee?

Some unique menus you can get only at CC’s Coffee include CC’s Minisippis, Mochachip, and Turtle Mochasippi. These are signature items that are only available on CC’s coffee. 

Apart from the signature menu, is there cc’s coffee secret menu? If you are looking for a secret menu at CC’s coffee, there is no specific one, but you are not restricted to creating one. However, there are seasonal drinks, such as salted caramel, gingerbread, and pumpkin lattes. 

CC's coffee

What time does cc’s coffee open?

Knowing the operation time is vital for any customer looking to enjoy amazing coffee without inconvenience. Usually, the coffee house opens at 6:00 AM from Monday to Saturday. However, on Sundays, the cafes open at 7:00 PM. 

What time does CC’s coffee close? The closing time is usually 8:00 PM from Monday to Sunday. 

How to buy at CC’s coffee? 

Buying your coffee or pastry at CC’s coffee is super easy. The easiest way is to walk into their locations and order your coffee. However, you can also order online through their website. Does CC’s coffee have an app? Besides ordering through a webpage, the coffee house also has an app to conveniently order beverages and bagged coffee. 

CC’s coffee menu Prices 


Vanilla Latte$3.85+
Tea Latte$3.35+
Hot Chocolate$3.30+


Freshly brewed CoffeePrice 
Uptown Jazz Blend$2.00+
Cypress Sunrise Blend$2.00+
Southern Sunset blend$2.00+
Cafe Au Lait$2.75+

Kids Menu

Kids MenuPrice 
Hot Chocolate$1.50
Mini Smoothie$2.50


Turtle MochasippiA rich and creamy taste of caramel, chocolate, and hazelnut.$4.20+
MochasippiCreamy, frozen espresso drink in the flavor of your choice.$4.20+
SmoothiesA smoothie, refreshing frozen blend made with non-fat yogurt and real fruit.$4.20+

Iced Beverages 

Iced Mocha$3.85+
Iced Latte$3.30+
Iced Chai Latte$3.35+
Classic Cold-Brewed Coffee$2.35+
Flavored Cold-Brewed Coffee$2.90+

Featured Item

Featured ItemPrice 
Toffee Crunch Blondie$2.05
Gluten-Free Egg Sandwich$2.55
Gluten-Free Breakfast$3.35
Coffee Cake$2.65
Cinnamon Roll$2.95
Cake Balls$1.95
Yogurt Parfait$3.75
Entree Croissants$4.45
Gluten-Free Bagel Sandwich$3.85

Final Words 

CC’s has a relatively smaller menu compared to other large coffee houses. However, it has a unique menu you can’t get in other restaurants. With cheaper CC’s coffee menu prices guide, everyone, kids and adults, are covered. It’s time to enjoy organic and authentic coffee


What does cc’s coffee stand for?

CC’s is part of community coffee. However, the coffee company operates independently hence the name CC’s coffee. 

Who is in charge of cc’s coffee house?

Celton Hayden, Jr is the CEO and president of CC’s coffee. However, the company is owned by the Saurage family. 

Does cc’s coffee house gift card expire?

If you purchase CC’s gift card, it doesn’t expire. Therefore, you can redeem your gift cards long after the purchase. However, earned points convert automatically to gifts of registered cards. The unregistered card points aren’t usable until you register the cards. 

Does cc’s coffee take apple pay?

Yes, CC’s coffee accepts Apple pay, Google pay, and credit cards 

How much caffeine in cc’s coffee?

A small cup has around 80 mg, while a large one can have as much as 120+ mg. 

How to get on cc’s coffee house Wi-Fi?

You need to visit their cafes to get CC’s coffee Wi-Fi connection. You will get the password from the staff and surf as you enjoy the coffee. 

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