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Here are the Tim Hortons Menu Prices Latest Updates !

If you’re in the mood for coffee and donuts, Tim Hortons will be able to help you out. However, it is important to know what they serve before you go to the place. So, you can read about their menu in this article.

There are many people who love Tim Hortons for their coffee, as well as for their cakes and cookies. They serve breakfast, baked products, hot drinks, cold drinks, and retail. Food and drinks at their store are a little more expensive, but they are good.

Tim Hortons menu in USA

The prices for the latest Tim Hortons menu are below.

Hot Beverages

FoodPrice Extra largePrice LargePrice MediumPrice Small
Caramel Latte Supreme$3.49$2.99$2.49
Hot Chocolate$3.29$2.99$2.49$1.99
Coffee- Original Blend (Dark Roast or Decaf)$2.19$1.99$1.79$1.59
French Vanilla$3.29$2.99$2.49$1.99
Mocha Latte$3.79$3.29$2.79
Café Mocha$2.55$2.34$2.10$1.90
Tea (Steeped or Specialty)     $2.19$1.99$1.79$1.59
Add An Espresso Shot$0.50

Tim Hortons iced coffee menu

Iced Tea$1.99$1.79$1.49
Iced Capp Supreme$3.69$3.29$2.79
Iced Capp$3.49$2.99$2.49
Frozen Hot Chocolate or Cream and Strawberries$3.49$2.99$2.49
Iced Latte$3.99$3.49$2.99
Iced Coffee (Dark Roast or Original) $2.79$2.29$1.99
Frozen Lemonade (Raspberry or Original)$2.09$1.79$1.49
Soft Drink$1.99$1.59$1.39
Iced Mocha Latte$4.29$3.79$3.29
Add An Espresso Shot$0.50
Add Chocolate or Regular (Whipped Topping)$0.50


FoodPrice (in $)Size
Smoothie (Pineapple Orange or Strawberry Banana)$3.99Large
Smoothie (Pineapple Orange or Strawberry Banana)$3.39Medium
Smoothie (Pineapple Orange or Strawberry Banana)$2.79Small
Add An Espresso Shot$0.50
Add Chocolate or Regular (Whipped Topping)          $0.50

Hot Breakfast

(In meals Hash Brown and Medium Coffee included)

FoodPrice (in $)
Sausage English Muffin$2.99
Bacon English Muffin$2.99
Sausage Biscuit$3.29
Bagel B.E.L.T.$3.99
Right Start Turkey Sausage- and Spinach      $3.99
Maple Flatbread Panini$3.49
Bacon Biscuit$3.29
Biscuit with Sausage$2.49
Egg Biscuit and Angus Steak$4.29
Sausage English Muffin- (meal)$5.29
Bacon English Muffin- (meal)$5.29
Sausage Biscuit- (meal)$5.29
Bagel B.E.L.T. – (meal)$6.29
Right Start Turkey Sausage- and Spinach- (meal)$6.29
Maple Flatbread Panini- (meal)$5.79
Bacon Biscuit- (meal)$5.29
Biscuit with Sausage- (meal)$4.79
Egg Biscuit and Angus Steak- (meal)$6.59
tim hortons menu usa

What is the Tim Hortons iced capp price?

You can get Tim Hortons iced capp small one for $ 2.49, and a medium-size come for $ 2.99. In comparison, if you want the large one of Tim Hortons iced capp, it will cost you $ 3.49.

Where to buy Tim Horton’s coffee?

To enjoy this super delicious beverage, you can visit the store. Also, you can get it online.

How much caffeine is in Tim Horton’s coffee? 

One of the popular choices for Canadians as well as residents of the northern states of the United States of America is Tim Hortons Brewed Coffee.

The large cup of Tim Hortons Brewed Coffee has a caffeine content of 13.50 mg per fl ounce (per 100 ml contains 45.65 mg). The caffeine content of a 20 fl ounce cup is 270 mg.

The medium cup of Tim Hortons Brewed Coffee has a caffeine content of a 14 fl ounce cup is 205 mg. Further, the small cup of Tim Hortons Brewed Coffee has a caffeine content of a 10 fl ounce cup is 140 mg.

How much is a box of coffee at Tim Hortons?

There are 12 servings in each box. Each coffee kit will include 12 cups, milk, sugar packets,

napkins, and stir sticks. And you can get a box for $ 12.95.

How long does Tim Horton’s coffee box stay hot?

It should stay hot for a minimum of one hour. You do not need to book it in advance; however, the staff would like it if you did, as it requires many pots to fill, and they will need to arrange all the cups, creamers, lids, sugar, and stir sticks, among other things.

Why did coffee prices go up at Tim Hortons?

Due to rising inflation, Tim Hortons’ parent company warns of impending menu pricing increases. Restaurant Brands International Inc., the parent company of Tim Hortons, intends to increase prices this year as material and labor expenses continue to rise.

How to order keto iced coffee at Tim Hortons?

Use this smart trick to make it look like the frap base is there when you’re on a low-carb diet: Ask for a sugar-free iced coffee with two pumps of unsweetened vanilla syrup and heavy cream in place of milk. Frap style: Ask them to mix it together. Then it’s done!

Frequently Asked Questions:

All the commonly asked questions about Tim Hortons menu prices are mentioned here. Let’s have a look.

1. What are the ingredients in Tim Horton's coffee?
The ingredients in Tim Horton’s coffee are 100% Arabica coffee.
How much is a large coffee at Tim Hortons?
The price of large Coffee- Original Blend (Dark Roast or Decaf) is $ 1.99. And you can enjoy the medium Coffee- Original Blend (Dark Roast or Decaf) for $ 1.79. At the same time, you can get the small Coffee- Original Blend (Dark Roast or Decaf) for $ 1.59.
How much is a medium coffee at Tim Hortons?
You can get the medium Coffee- Original Blend (Dark Roast or Decaf) at Tim Hortons for $ 1.79.
How much is a Tim Hortons small coffee?
You can get this delicious beverage for $ 1.99.

Final Thought

The food that they served was delicious and well worth your money. Coffees and iced are skillfully produced to such a high standard that you’ll be in amazement by their flavor. The coffee, as well as other beverages, are properly mixed together.

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