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The Ultimate Coffee Experience in the UK; Costa Coffee Menu Prices UK

Costa Coffee is one of the famous coffee shops in the UK. To enjoy refreshing coffee and other delicacies, Costa coffee UK is one of the restaurants to try. Let’s go through the latest Costa Coffee Menu Prices if you want to know what to grab. 

What is Costa Coffee? 

Costa Coffee is a leading global coffee company in the UK. Founded in 1971 in London, the coffee company was opened the same year as Starbucks. The founders, Sergio Costa, and Bruno Costa started the company to provide unique and authentic coffee. 

Initially, Costa coffee dealt with the wholesale coffee business. But, the company opened a retail store in 1981 on Vauxhall Bridge Road. Since its founding, the coffee company has continued to expand and now has a presence worldwide. 

Who Owns Costa Coffee? 

Costa coffee has evolved from a local coffee company to a multinational with presence in 32 countries. It is a subsidiary owned by The Coca-Cola Company,  Which acquired Costa coffee in 2019 at the cost of £3.9bn from Whitebread PLC

What Is Available in Costa Coffee? 

Costa Coffee Menu food

Well, many people know Costa Coffee for coffee. But there is a lot to explore, which makes it a perfect hub for unique delicacies. 

The coffee chain has hot coffee, cold coffee, Pastries, breakfast, and other meals. Besides coffee, other coffee-free drinks are available for non-coffee drinkers

The Costa Coffee food menu is also broad, with light and full meal options. Snacks are also available to enjoy coffee and your favorite snack. 

Where Are Costa Coffee Beans Roasted? 

Costa coffee initially started as a roasting and wholesale coffee company. Even today, the company still maintains its roastery located in Basildon, Essex. The facility can roast 45,000 tons annually, making it one of the largest in Europe. 

Where Does Costa Coffee Get Its Coffee From? 

The coffee roasted, sold, and brewed by Costa Coffee is sourced from certified farms. Usually, the farms are Rainforest Alliance certified. Besides, the company deals with Arabica coffee from Brazil and Ethiopia. Costa Coffee also roasts Robusta coffee which is sourced from Vietnam. 

How Much Caffeine in Costa Coffee?

If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee at Costa coffee, you might wonder about the caffeine in your cup. 250 milliliters of costa coffee provide an average of 277 milligrams of caffeine. 

Does Costa Coffee Have Free Drinks? 

Buying your drink at Costa coffee makes you eligible for a free drink. According to the company, if you buy 8 drinks, you qualify for costa coffee free drinks. However, to enjoy a free reward drink, you must join the royalty club by downloading the Costa Coffee app and signing up. 

To join the Costa Coffee club, you can follow this link

How Many Costa Coffee Locations Are There? 

Since its formation in 1971, Costa coffee has expanded beyond the UK. Currently, there are over 3800 locations across the world. The company runs 2,467 stores in the United Kingdom. The company headquarters are in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, England. 

Costa Coffee Menu with Price Summary 


Item  Price 
Vanilla & Coconut Latte£3.85
Hazelnut Almond Latte£3.85
Americano Black£3.10
Americano White£3.10
Flat White£3.45
Flat Black£2.80
Caramel Cortado£3.10

Hot Chocolate & More

Hot Chocolate£3.45
White Hot Chocolate£3.45
Ruby Hot Chocolate£4.10
Chai Latte£3.70

Teas & Infusions

Double Mint Infusion£2.45
Pure Green Tea£2.45
English Breakfast Tea£2.45

Blended Iced Drinks

Item   Price 
Red Summer Berries Cooler£3.70
Mango & Passionfruit Cooler£3.70
Iced Latte£3.45

Pastries, Baps & Breakfast

Item   Price 
Butter Croissant£2.00
Egg, Mushroom & Spinach Bap£3.50
British Smoked Bacon Bap£3.50
British Pork Sausage Bap£3.50

Main Meals

Item  Price 
Vegan Bac’n Bap£3.50
Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich£2.50
Cheddar Cheese Ploughman’s Sandwich£3.25
Pole & Line Tuna Melt Panini£4.50
Vegan Smoky Ham & Cheeze Toastie£3.50
Cheddar & Roasted Tomato Toastie£4.50
Wiltshire Ham & Cheddar Toastie£4.50
Ham & Cheese Toastie£3.50
Cumberland Sausage & Onion Toastie

Muffins, Cakes and Bakes

Item  Price  
Fruity Flapjack£2.50
Fruited Panettone£2.50
Raspberry & Almond Bake£2.25
Chocolate Tiffin£2.25
Millionaire’s Shortbread£2.25
Salted Caramel Brownie£2.50
Carrot & Walnut Cake£3.25
Raspberry & White Chocolate Muffin£2.25
Lemon Muffin£2.25
Blueberry Muffin£2.25
Chocolate & Caramel Muffin made with Aero£2.50
Aero Rocky Road£2.50

Biscuits and Snacks

Item Price 
Caramel Waffles£1.75
Giant Bourbon Cream£2.00
Giant Custard Cream£2.00
Fruit & Oat Biscuits£2.00
Stem Ginger Biscuits£2.00
Pick N Mix£1.75
Terry’s Choc Orange Brownie£2.50
Burts Mature Cheddar & Onion£1.25
Burts Sea Salt£1.25
Burts Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar£1.25

Chilled Drinks   

Items Price 
SmartWater Sparkling 600ml£1.85
SmartWater Still 600ml£1.85
Sprite No Sugar£2.05
Fanta Orange£2.15
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar£2.15
Diet Coke£2.15
Coca-Cola Original Taste£2.30
Chilled Latte£1.95
Chilled Caramel Latte£1.95

How to Order from Costa Coffee UK?

Costa coffee allows customers to enjoy Dine-in, Takeaways, and deliveries. Is there a drive through Costa Coffee? Drive-thru services are available in some locations. 

Ordering processes available include direct and online ordering. Whether you want to place a pre-order delivery, it is available through, Ubereats, and Deliveroo. To make ordering simple, check how to do it below. 

1. Go to Costa Coffee’s official website

how to order Costa Coffee online 1

2. On the menu bar, look for ‘Order Online’ and click it. 

how to order Costa Coffee online 2

3. A new page with ordering services will open. Choose your ideal delivery service among Ubereats, Deliveroo, or Just Eat. 

how to order Costa Coffee online 3

4. Press ‘Order Now’ on your convenient delivery services. In our case, let’s use Just Eat. A new tab will open, prompting you to add your address. 

how to order Costa Coffee online 4

5. Once you set the location, a list of available Costa Coffee in your area will open. 

how to order Costa Coffee online 5

6. Choose your locations, and when the menu opens, select your food/drink and customize. Once your order is done, click ‘Add to order.’

how to order Costa Coffee online 6

Costa Coffee Contact Info & Operating Hours.

Official website: 

Postal Address: Costa House, Houghton Hall Business Park, Porz Ave, Houghton

Telephone: +44 333 003 5883 

Contact Form: 

Operating Time: Mon- Sat:7 am-7:30 pm, Sun 9 am to 6:30 pm

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Gifts cards:

Nutrition and Allergens:

Final Words 

Cost coffee has a lot of exciting drinks, coffee, and rewards. The coffee is fantastic, and you can opt for Arabica or Robusta, depending on your love for caffeine stimulation. Food is also exciting, and you can choose delicacies from different regions. Costa Coffee menu prices are one of the best to explore and experience. 


How much is a costa coffee?

The price of coffee at Costa coffee is around £3.85.

Are dogs allowed in Costa coffee?

Dogs aren’t allowed in Coats Coffee unless it’s well-labeled assistance dogs. 

What coffee beans do Costa use?

Costa coffee uses Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. 

Does Costa coffee have Wi-Fi?

Yes, all Costa Coffee locations in the United Kingdom offer free Wi-Fi. 

Is Costa coffee in America? 

Costa Coffee is in America, where it opened its first store in 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia. 

How many costa points for a free coffee?

To enjoy a free drink, you only need to collect 320 points earned when you purchase a hot or cold coffee-based drink. 

How much does Costa Coffee Franchise cost in the UK? 

To become a franchisee, you need about £250,000 to £800,000. Check the detailed information here to learn more about the Costa Coffee franchise.