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Walking into Epoch coffee is the beginning of excellent beverages and freshly baked pastries. The coffee shop is one of the fantastic establishments where people enjoy grabbing iced coffee, hot coffee, tea, and other beverages. Offering a variety of drinks and food, there is something exciting for all days and seasons. The following Epoch coffee menu prices give a glimpse of what to get from the coffeehouse. 

What Is Epoch Coffee? 

Epoch coffee is one of the coffee shops in Austin, Texas, US. The coffee shop, founded in 2006 by Joe Rodriguez, Kevin Garry and Chris Clarkson, offers excellent beverages and food. Besides, the experience is outstanding since services make the café one of the best places to spend your time. 

The coffee, food and ample space with soothing lighting allow everyone to explore delicious treats. While the founders aimed to provide a place to sip coffee, the café also serves tea and other non-coffee beverages. 

What’s Popular at Epoch Coffee? 

When you get into Epoch Coffee, what is the most popular menu? Well, there is a lot to get in this café. But the most popular option includes Iced Mojo, Mexican Mocha, Hazelnut Latte, and Hot chocolate. Apart from drinks, you can also enjoy Pizza, sandwiches, cheesecakes and others. 

Does Epoch Coffee Roast Its Coffee? 

Epoch Coffee Menu list

The coffee used in Epoch cafés is roasted in their facilities. This allows the coffee shop to roast the only needed coffee to guarantee freshness in every cup. 

Where does Epoch Coffee get its coffee from? 

Epoch coffee gets its coffee beans from Ethiopia and Colombia. These are regions where some of the best coffee comes from. The beans are premium, clean and ethically sourced from contracted small-scale farmers. 

How Many Epoch Coffee Locations Are There? 

The store’s first location was Epoch coffee downtown in Austin. However, afterwards, the coffee shop opened other stores within the city. As of February 2012, it had 3 locations. 

Does Epoch Coffee Franchise? 

For anyone asking whether the coffee shop is a franchise, it is not. The café is a private business and currently doesn’t offer franchising opportunities. 

Epoch Coffee Menu Summary


Item   Price  
Coffee of the day$2.50
V60 Pourover$5.00


Item  Price  
Iced coffee$3.25
Iced Pourover$5.00
Iced Mojo!$3.75
Half Mojo/Half Iced coffee$3.75


Item Price  
Mexican Mocha$4.25

Other Drinks   

Item  Price 
Chai latte$3.75
Matcha latte$4.50
Hot chocolate$3.25
Iced Tea!$2.75
Pot of Tea $4.00


Item Price  
Coconut milk$0.75
Almond milk!!$0.75
Add shot$0.50
Syrup flavor$0.50
Mexican vanilla$0.50


Item Price  
Green Cart Sandwiches and Vegetarian Wraps$4.00+
Cream Cheese$4.00+
Pizza Pockets$4.00+
Zapp’s Potato Chips$4.00+
Vegan Peanut Butter$4.00+


Item Price  
Cakes $2.00
Pastries  $2.00
Cookies  $2.00

Cold Alternatives   

Item  Price 
Jose Cruz (1/2 Tea & 1/2 Juice)$3.00+
Chocolate Milk$3.25+
Iced Chai Latte$3.75+
Bottled Drinks$1.75+
Italian Soda$3.25+

Hot Alternatives   

Item  Price  
Christopher Robin$2.75+
Hot Chocolate Steamer$2.75+
Chai Latte$3.25+

How to Order from Epoch Coffee?

If you want to enjoy coffee and food in Epoch Coffee, the café supports Dine-in, takeaways and non-contact deliveries. To get your order delivered or preorder, you can use Gubhub and Foodboss to enjoy the convenience. 

The following is how to order your food and beverages through Grubhub. 

1. Go to the Grubhub Epoch Coffee shop here

How to Order from Epoch Coffee 1

2. Set your location and order preference: Pre Order/Delivery. 

How to Order from Epoch Coffee 2

3. On the displayed menu, choose and customise your item, then click ‘Add to Bag.’ 

How to Order from Epoch Coffee 3

Epoch Coffee Contact Information & Operating Hours

Postal Address: 221 W North Loop Blvd, Austin, Texas 78751 

Operating Time: Mon-Sun 24 hours open

Telephone: +1 512-454-3762

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: https://epochcoffee.com/contact

Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/epochcoffee/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/epochaustin 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/epochcoffee/ 

Pinterest: None 

YouTube: None

Tiktok: None 

Important Links 

Official Website: https://epochcoffee.com 

Locations: https://goo.gl/maps/f1F4EKqPgUwt9FPDA 

Jobs: [email protected] 

Gift Cards: https://squareup.com/gift/BF93BPWAQB65D/order 

Final Words 

Epoch Coffee is where everyone enjoys an epic experience. The Epoch coffee menu price shows that the café is ideal for relaxing. With food, drinks and soothing music, it’s worth spending time in the establishment. 


Are there vegan options in Epoch Coffee?

Yes, the café offers vegan and vegetarian-friendly food. 

Is Epoch Coffee ideal for kids? 

Yes, the café is kids friendly. There are drinks and meals ideal for kids as well as no sale of alcohol. 

Are dogs allowed in Epoch coffee? 

The coffee shop is pet friendly, especially the outdoor seating places

Does epoch coffee have couches?

No, the coffee shop uses contemporary bar stools and chairs.

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