Maru Coffee Menu Prices

Coffee from The Experts, Roasted and Brewed to Perfection; Maru Coffee Menu Prices

Sometimes people don’t get what they see advertised. But when you need to sip excellent coffee from real experts, Maru coffee is the perfect place to get your beverage. Specializing in coffee, the baristas give you the best in terms of quality and services. 

If you have never been to this coffee house, let us see the latest Maru coffee menu prices. The menu has a variety of coffee, tea, and other options you will enjoy in the café. Read this guide and see what is unique in Maru Coffee. 

What is Maru Coffee?

Maru coffee is a company based in Los Angeles, California, US. The company deals with sourcing, roasting, and retailing coffee. Created by Jacob Park and Joonmo Kim in 2016, the company deals with premium coffee and tea. 

The name Maru is derived from the Korean word ‘San Ma Ru’, which means mountaintop. The company, therefore, engages in practices that ensure the best coffee. 

Besides roasting, the coffee company also operates cafes that sell brewed coffee and tea. Therefore, before grabbing your bagged coffee, you can also enjoy your brewed beverage in a calm environment. 

What Is Popular in Maru Coffee?

Although there are different brewed drinks in Maru Coffee, some are the brand’s signature coffee. The most popular drinks include Match latte, Cream top, Spiced cold brew, Espresso tonic, Tea latte, and others. 

Does Maru Coffee Roast Its Coffee? 

Maru Coffee specializes in coffee and tea. Therefore, the company sources its coffee and roasts it in its facility. The Maru coffee arts district facility in Los Angeles is where all the coffee is roasted. Since the beans are roasted in small batches, every bag contains fresh and high quality coffee.   

Where Does Maru Coffee Get Its Coffee? 

Besides roasting, Maru also sources its coffee directly from the farmers. The company gets its coffee from Africa and Latin America. Grown in high altitude areas and highly processed, it is the reason why the coffee has exceptional quality. Apart from being sweet, Maru Coffee is organic. The coffee isn’t organic but sustainably produced and processed. 

How Many Maru Coffee Locations Are There? 

Maru Coffee and beans

The first Maru Coffee location was in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. The coffee shop headquarters are in Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, California. Regarding the number of locations, the company had 2 locations as of January 2023. Also, they have partner cafes selling Maru coffee products. 

Maru Coffee Menu Prices

Signature Coffee 

Item Price 
Cream Top Signature Coffee$5.00
Spiced Cold Brew Signature Coffee$5.00
Espresso Tonic Signature Coffee$5.00


Item Price 
Almond & Oat Coffee$0.50
Cold Brew Coffee$4.50
Mocha Coffee$5.25
Vanilla Coffee$5.00
Latte Coffee$4.50
Cappuccino Coffee$4.00
Cortado Coffee$4.00
Americano Coffee$3.75
Drip Coffee$3.00+
Espresso Coffee$3.50


Item Price 
Straus Yogurt Granola$8.50
Oat Granola$8.00
Almond Granola$8.00
Whole Granola$7.50


Item Price 
Masala Chai Latte$5.25
Hydrangea Leaf Herbal Tea$4.50
Mulberry Leaf Tea$4.50
Kukicha Green Tea$4.25
Lishan Oolong Tea$5.00
Lao Shan Black Tea$4.00

Ippodo Matcha

Item Price 
Matcha Tea$4.00
Matcha Latte$5.25
Oat Matcha$0.50
Almond Matcha$0.50

How to Order from Maru Coffee?

Maru coffee allows customers to enjoy bagged or brewed coffee. You can enjoy every coffee in their stores and partner stores. The store allows for dine-in and Takeaways. However, Maru coffee orders online aren’t available for brewed beverages. They only allow for bagged coffee shipment through courier services. 

Maru Coffee Contact Information & Operating Time. 

Postal address: 1936 Hillhurst Ave., Los Angeles, CA, United States, California

Operating Time: Mon-Sat 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Sun 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

Telephone: +1 323-741-8483 

Email: [email protected] 

Contact Form: 

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Final Words 

Maru Coffee menu with prices might not be as large as other cafes. But, the compact focuses on perfecting coffee. The ability to enjoy various coffee brews in the coffee house makes it a haven for beverage lovers. Also, sourcing and roasting coffee in small batches ensures that freshness is never compromised. 


Does Maru Coffee have food? 

Maru Coffee doesn’t offer food on its menu. But you can enjoy sweet baked cakes and baked pastries from third-party suppliers.

Is there free Wi-Fi at Maru Coffee? 

Yes, the café offers free Wi-Fi to all the customers. Therefore, when drinking coffee, you can also enjoy surfing the internet.

Does Maru Coffee have a secret drink? 

Currently, the coffee shop doesn’t have a secret drink, but you can request your coffee to be customized at the café.

What Matcha does Maru use?

The coffee company uses Ippodo matcha to brew their super tasty Matcha brews. 

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