BocaBoca Coffee Roaster Review | What to expect when you buy it 

Waking up and having a great cup of coffee is what everyone desires. But, getting freshly roasted coffee can sometimes be impossible. Going for green beans and roasting them at home is the best thing. 

BocaBoca coffee roaster is a great machine that brings efficiency and uniqueness. Unlike other roasters, this has an elegant and exceptional design. 

For anyone looking to enjoy roasted coffee at home, this BocaBoca coffee roaster review is for you. It offers all the details you need before getting this machine.

BocaBoca Coffee Roaster Review

BocaBoca Coffee Roaster

Design 4.5/5
Roasting Capacity 4/5
Roasting Time 5/5
Roast Quality 4.7/5
Cleaning 4/5 Price 5/5

Total 4.5/5

BocaBoca Coffee Roaster Review


  • Sleek wooden exterior shell 
  • Heavy-duty transparent glass roasting chamber 
  • Large capacity to roast more beans 
  • Integrated timer to ease roast timing 
  • Easy to achieve precision roasting 
  • Integrated coffee bean cooler for quick cooling

  • A bit heavy 
  • Tricky to put on the lid when filled with coffee

BocaBoca roasters are available in two versions. There is a BocaBoca 250 coffee roaster and BocaBoca 500 coffee roaster. 

The two models have similar features, only that they have varying capacities. Despite the difference in capacity, performance and features are identical. 

Whether you want to buy any of these models, here is a general review of specifications and performance. It’s time to choose the model that suits your roasting needs. 

Design 4.5/5 

One of the notable features of these roasters is their unique designs. Construction entails a wooden outer shell that has a fantastic woody finish. Unlike the steel housing, this ensures heat shielding, improving efficiency. 

Besides the durable body, the roasting drum is made from heat-resistant Pyrex glass. Even when heated to high degrees, the glass doesn’t crack. 

Due to its transparent nature, checking the coffee state is easy. You don’t need to open the lid or use a sampler. Roasting is enjoyable as you enjoy the coffee beans transforming from green to dark roast.

Since roasting is subject to time and heat, the roaster has a timer that can run for 15 minutes. Depending on your roast liking, you can set the ideal time to achieve it. 

Besides the timer, temperature control is another great feature for these roasters. The machine has a temperature range of 30-230 degrees Celsius. As a result, it’s possible to set the preferred roasting temperatures

To ensure the coffee gets uniform roasting, the machine utilizes infrared rays to heat. Additionally, the specially designed stirring vanes allow for even bean roasting. 

Unlike other roasters, these have an air control hole vital for coffee incense. You can control the air entering the roasting chamber hence the overall taste.

When the roasting is complete, the machine has a super-efficient bean cooler. Rapid cooling means maintaining excellent bean flavor. 

Roasting Capacity 4.5/5

Once you consider getting a BocaBoca roaster, you can choose 250g and 500g. The choice typically depends on the amount of coffee you want. 

You can always get the smaller version when you have a few coffee drinkers. However, a larger group of coffee drinkers will demand the larger version. 

Roasting more coffee will make your roast less frequently; hence you can choose the smaller one. However, consider that roasted coffee loses flavor when stored for long. 

Generally, the roasting capacity depends on the machine you choose. 

Roasting Time 5/5 

If you compare the roasting time for this machine, it is one of the roasters that takes less time. The timer has a maximum setting of 15 minutes. 

The high efficiency ensures you can achieve dark roast in about 15 minutes. However, if you don’t achieve roast in 15 minutes, you can reset the time until you complete your desired roast. 

Bearing in mind the roaster has a wooden casing and glass drum; it has high efficiency. 

Roast Quality 4.7/5 

The quality of coffee you get when using these roasters is the best. The coffee is barista quality, so you can make fantastic coffee at home. 

The air control is an excellent and unique feature that guarantees premium-tasting coffee. It allows controlling incense which gives coffee outstanding flavor and taste. 

Besides the great taste, the beans come out clean without chaff. The collection tray ensures coffee beans come out clean and no further separation is needed. 

Roast Quality

Cleaning 4.3/5

These machines look complicated, but cleaning isn’t hard. The only parts that need cleaning are the drums. They are easy to detach and wipe with a wet cloth. 

On the other hand, disassembling the chaff tray can be tricky, especially for beginners. Therefore, you must follow the manual keenly to ensure a smooth cleaning process. 

Price 4.5/5 

The price of these roasters is a bit expensive compared to others of similar capacity. Especially when you compare the 250 gram and 500 gram roasters, they are a bit pricier. 

Although you will spend more bucks, they come with all the necessary accessories. Each has a thermometer, a cooler, and a chaff separator. 

Despite the higher price, the quality of coffee and roaster performance is worth it. 

Don’t buy BocaBoca coffee roaster if, 

You have a cheaper alternative

 To acquire these roasters, you need a good amount of money. If you don’t want to invest in expensive roasters, you can opt for another option than BocaBoca. 

A perfect cheaper option is the Memoscan electric coffee roaster. Although inexpensive, it doesn’t have a cooler and chaff collector. 

You want a lighter coffee roaster 

One of the drawbacks of these roasters is they are a bit heavier than rivals. Therefore, these aren’t the ultimate roaster choices if you want a lighter option. 

Are BocaBoca coffee roasters recommendable? 

BocaBoca coffee roasters are highly recommendable. These will do if you are looking for a machine that makes barista-like coffee. 

The fantastic features that enable the best coffee roasting make them unique. Whether you opt for BocaBoca 250 coffee roaster or BocaBoca 500 coffee roaster, they are good coffee roasters. 

BocaBoca Coffee Roaster


How do you roast Bocaboca? 

Roasting your coffee using BocaBoca rosters is a simple process. All you need is:

  • Take your fresh beans and put them on the roaster 
  • Close the lid and turn on the machine 
  • Set the time and temperature you desire to roast the beans 
  • Roast the coffee until the desired point 
  • Once complete, open the lid and hang it in the groove to empty the content. 
  • Remove the wicker tray and cool the beans 


Is this UL listed? What certifications does it have? 
The roasters are UL listed hence safe for use in the US and other countries.
Does the 500g version come with the cooler or not? 
Both 500g and 250g come with coolers. Therefore, you don’t have to buy the coolers separately.
Where can I get replacement bulbs?
If there is an issue with the heating bulb, you can always get a replacement from the official website.


Product name BocaBoca 250 coffee roasterBocaBoca 250 coffee roaster
Manufacturer BocaBoca BocaBoca
Materials Wood, Stainless steel, GlassWood, Stainless steel, Glass
Power rating 110V110V
Capacity 250 grams500g
Item weight 6Kg10kg
Dimensions 34x 17 x 20.3 cm (Body) 28x 17 x 8.6cm Cooler)48 x 19.5 x 20.5 cm (Body)38.5 x 20.5 x 20cm (cooler)
Warranty 1 year 1 year 
Price $489.00$859.00
Motor ACAC
Thermometer ProbeProbe
Country of origin South Korea South Korea

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